Wednesday, December 30, 2009

jazz it !

i dont know why , i'm feeling super happy todayy . and currently listening to michael buble's song's . its very chill you know . thats what i want you know . songs that keep me going . plus ,the lyrics are soo sweet . the song love goes like this

"L is for the way you look at me . O is for the the only i see , V is very very , extraordinary E is even more than anyone that you adore . And LOVE is all that i can give to you .LOVE is just more than just a game for a two . Two inlove cant make it you take my heart but please , LOVE was made for me and you "
its like awwwwww . so sweet (NOT) . eleh . nawww , today its like a chill day you know ?i kept listening to love song's . LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE babyyyy . minnie riperton's -loving you , is quite nice but the lyrics sound dirty in a loving way . haha
its like ;
"Loving you , is easy cause youre beautiful , making love with you , is all wanna do . loving you , is more than just a dream come true , and everyday of my life , is fill with loving you .Loving you has made my life beautiful . and everytime that we "uhhhhhhhhhhhhh"*horny tone , i'm more in love with you "
making loveeeee , is what she meant . i guess ? hahaha
but its a nice song , seriously . i'm not kidding :)

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