Wednesday, December 30, 2009

good good morniiiingggggggggg

hi hello . its 10.29 a.m . waky waky for those who havent wake up yet :)
apple juice it on the side of the table today , drinking it slowly , as if i'm enjoying it , but im not .
hehe . today , i woke up at 7.50 . my dad yelled . "fatimah , bangun . dh pagi syg . kejaplagi org datang nak pecah bilik bawah . you have to stay awake and open the door for them and nanti you wont be able to sleep , trust me . there's gonna be a loud noise downstairs . theyre re-doing the bathroom . so imah , wake up . huryyy upp"
i was like "ok bah . five minutes"
and then , it took me like ten minutes to wake up . plus another 5extra minutes . hihi
so then there i was , sitting on the couch downstairs with like red eyes and pajama bottoms and a black singlet . oh god , i was like so sleepy . and then mymom was like asking me to clean the house after she and my dad and my brother left for work . so i did . i had to cover all the furniture's downstairs at my house because theyre gonna drill and everything so its gonna be a-hell-lot-of-dust . then i wash the dishes , glasses , give my cats , aby and jebat breakfast . they need breakfast too you know , if not , they'll keep on meow-ing at the front door . so then i finished cleaning the house around . and then i brought the laptop up in my room and onlined . then arnd 9.30a.m i took a shower , blowdry my hair and waaaaaaalaaaah , here i am .
even when i slept like at 5 because i was cleaning my room , suddenly i had the mood (to clean) so did it . haha , and i havent had breakfast yet , there's workers downstairs . i dont feel comfortable you knw , eating in front of them . its like rude , kindish . plus , wht am i going to have? a slice of toasted bread with blackberry jem on top of it ? again?!
i rather wait for mymom . she said she's coming home from work at 1 then she'll buy us , me and my third brother FOOD ! yay! she said maybe mcd . well i guess its better than LAKSA . this one time , she couldnt cook because she was tired and the kitchen was dusty , she bought me LAKSA for the whole week . yeah i know , weird . hahah but what can you do right ? i just eat it . as long as my tummy is full then i'm fine with it :)

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