Tuesday, December 29, 2009

grrrrrrr-eattt news !

i might have my hair cut today . wee ;)
maybe i'm going with my second brothers girlfriend , kak diha and her bff , kak lisa .
i'm thinking on getting layers and trim you know ? and some volume on top because my hair seems flat on top and heavy curls underneath . any suggestions for good saloons in setiawangsa or wangsa maju ? i'm still thinking .
the cheaper the better , save money but the thing is . it doesnt mean its cheap , its a fine haircut . it might be worser . i might try the professionals saloon ones . but they only have it the nearest which is professional and cheap is in ampang . now who's gonna drive me there?
fuwee , plus now its like 4.30 p.m . traffic jam *duhhh
well working hours in malaysia is 8 till 5 rght ? mostly .
hmm we'll see hunny :)
if i do get it today . i'll upload a picture of me with new hair , okayy ? Isyaallah *if i got time*:)

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