Wednesday, December 30, 2009

jazz it !

i dont know why , i'm feeling super happy todayy . and currently listening to michael buble's song's . its very chill you know . thats what i want you know . songs that keep me going . plus ,the lyrics are soo sweet . the song love goes like this

"L is for the way you look at me . O is for the the only i see , V is very very , extraordinary E is even more than anyone that you adore . And LOVE is all that i can give to you .LOVE is just more than just a game for a two . Two inlove cant make it you take my heart but please , LOVE was made for me and you "
its like awwwwww . so sweet (NOT) . eleh . nawww , today its like a chill day you know ?i kept listening to love song's . LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE babyyyy . minnie riperton's -loving you , is quite nice but the lyrics sound dirty in a loving way . haha
its like ;
"Loving you , is easy cause youre beautiful , making love with you , is all wanna do . loving you , is more than just a dream come true , and everyday of my life , is fill with loving you .Loving you has made my life beautiful . and everytime that we "uhhhhhhhhhhhhh"*horny tone , i'm more in love with you "
making loveeeee , is what she meant . i guess ? hahaha
but its a nice song , seriously . i'm not kidding :)

its starting

the LOUD NOISE . THE DRILLS . omfg , thank god man created EARPHONES . hahah
what to do now , i'm browsing the songs on the laptop's playlist . i'm currently listening to breakaway by kelly clarkson . eventhough its an old song , its nice :)
like when you're depressed or not in the mood or something bad just happen and you just feel like killing yourself ? yeah . this song can help you stand up by your feet again :)

good good morniiiingggggggggg

hi hello . its 10.29 a.m . waky waky for those who havent wake up yet :)
apple juice it on the side of the table today , drinking it slowly , as if i'm enjoying it , but im not .
hehe . today , i woke up at 7.50 . my dad yelled . "fatimah , bangun . dh pagi syg . kejaplagi org datang nak pecah bilik bawah . you have to stay awake and open the door for them and nanti you wont be able to sleep , trust me . there's gonna be a loud noise downstairs . theyre re-doing the bathroom . so imah , wake up . huryyy upp"
i was like "ok bah . five minutes"
and then , it took me like ten minutes to wake up . plus another 5extra minutes . hihi
so then there i was , sitting on the couch downstairs with like red eyes and pajama bottoms and a black singlet . oh god , i was like so sleepy . and then mymom was like asking me to clean the house after she and my dad and my brother left for work . so i did . i had to cover all the furniture's downstairs at my house because theyre gonna drill and everything so its gonna be a-hell-lot-of-dust . then i wash the dishes , glasses , give my cats , aby and jebat breakfast . they need breakfast too you know , if not , they'll keep on meow-ing at the front door . so then i finished cleaning the house around . and then i brought the laptop up in my room and onlined . then arnd 9.30a.m i took a shower , blowdry my hair and waaaaaaalaaaah , here i am .
even when i slept like at 5 because i was cleaning my room , suddenly i had the mood (to clean) so did it . haha , and i havent had breakfast yet , there's workers downstairs . i dont feel comfortable you knw , eating in front of them . its like rude , kindish . plus , wht am i going to have? a slice of toasted bread with blackberry jem on top of it ? again?!
i rather wait for mymom . she said she's coming home from work at 1 then she'll buy us , me and my third brother FOOD ! yay! she said maybe mcd . well i guess its better than LAKSA . this one time , she couldnt cook because she was tired and the kitchen was dusty , she bought me LAKSA for the whole week . yeah i know , weird . hahah but what can you do right ? i just eat it . as long as my tummy is full then i'm fine with it :)

i did it

i cut my hair . i give layers , trim and added some volume on top . plus , the stylist didnt understand what i was saying so he cut my old fringe into the middle , not middle like "homygod?wht happen?" its like umm , he cuts in between bangs and fringe . i can make it into bangs or fringe , which is kinda okay . even after he messed up my hair . i went to the saloon in setiawangsa , next to restoran jumma . it was kinda expensive . its like rm30 for all of it including blow . hmm , its okay i guess . atleast i got a new hair cut for new year . new changes right ?:)

so , as i've promised before . a photo after my new haircut . here it is . a photo above :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

grrrrrrr-eattt news !

i might have my hair cut today . wee ;)
maybe i'm going with my second brothers girlfriend , kak diha and her bff , kak lisa .
i'm thinking on getting layers and trim you know ? and some volume on top because my hair seems flat on top and heavy curls underneath . any suggestions for good saloons in setiawangsa or wangsa maju ? i'm still thinking .
the cheaper the better , save money but the thing is . it doesnt mean its cheap , its a fine haircut . it might be worser . i might try the professionals saloon ones . but they only have it the nearest which is professional and cheap is in ampang . now who's gonna drive me there?
fuwee , plus now its like 4.30 p.m . traffic jam *duhhh
well working hours in malaysia is 8 till 5 rght ? mostly .
hmm we'll see hunny :)
if i do get it today . i'll upload a picture of me with new hair , okayy ? Isyaallah *if i got time*:)

doing good ?

are you ? or arent you ? for me it is :)
i'm having problems with my mood swings these past couple of days . its like so weird . sometimes i cried for no reason and get so mad for no reason . i mean , certain , of course .
well , it bothers me ........

till i found out this morning i was on my "girly time" . if you know what i mean *winkwink
its a girl thing . hmm , no wonder ive been acting so weird . oh yeah . my phone is out of credit . which actually sucks because i cant text/call my loved one(s) . haihhhhhh .

aaaaa . i need credits . maybe i should clean the house to get some of it , you know . like an "upah" from mymom ? yeahh . i would . just to keep in touch with them though . my life without my phone , is in-complete . even when py phone for now is a shitty nokia , and the only "COOL" function on it was , umm . torchlight ? yeah . the phone where old people use . its my mom's but my was broke so refuses to bought me a new one so she gave her phone to me and she bought another one for her . cheapasss-.- . okay thats rude . haha

Monday, December 28, 2009


thankyou mummy . you brought me food ! hahah
so . as you can see . finally , i ate :D
hihi . mymombought me mcd . uwlalaaa . okayy .
now . im soo full . after i ate , i cleaned the kitchen . wash dishes and some stuff .
spicy chicken mcdeluxe is my fav fav fav favourite ;)
soo yeah . mummy knows the best for her child *eww . i act like im 4 years old . hehe


i havent eaten anything yet until now its like almost 3 p.m . ohgod . i just dont feel like doing anything you know ? my mom's coming back soon from work . i wish she brought food cause that would be niceee . ayyy , very nice . hihi
soo . what to talk laling's ? im running out of words and idea . i'm suppose to meet my oldfriend from shah alam at seri maya today . yehh , that hookah place . i'm not going . nobody could pick me up or take me there . but sya , i do really miss you :) . we'll hangout someother time , maybe next year . perhaps . i Pinky Promise*:)
hehhh . speaking of hookah , i havent done that in like a month ? i guess ? i get dizzy and i have asthma so i could not do that as much often as all my friends are . i might end up in the hospital because of difficulties in breathing . hahah
who knows;)

its not easy

things happen for a reason , atleast . thats why i had heard of . and it is true . can you forgive a person who broke your heart and let them be in your life back ? would you have the guts to do so ? i did . just now . i know you can do this sweetheart . dont worry . i'm here . we can beat this . iloveyou ♥

yours to decide

everyday , every single day . there will be a new drama . like what i just experienced just now .
i just got off the phone with maira . i called her . i was in deep shock and was still crying . oh and yeah , i cried . life is unpredictable right ? and it just happen . An unpredictable thing .

-how would you feel if you woke up and then something that you expected will never happen , did happened ? how were you suppose to react ?

*i reacted by calling one of my besties , who i know that will always be there for me ♥
crying to her . tell her everything . and yet we ended up gossiping and laughing about each other :)

never say never

when everything seems lost , i'm stuck and falling down . you will guide me home . so promise me , you'll stay with me . wont you wait for me , care for me , and never say never again .

-that's what i remember how the song goes , for now .

evil laugh* heheh

i've watch this movie like a lot of times before . but when i think about it , its kinda fun you know , to get even back to your ex . i mean like , the way they did to us when we use to had something was horrible . was mean . and yet , heartless . so what are you waiting for ? care to join me ?*wink

2010 is near hunnay-ay-ay-ayyyy

can you have two things at one time ? i dont want 2009 to end because i'll miss it . and i dont want 2010 to start because , well . my two zero one zero BIGGEST FEAR is PMR . Uww . thats gonna be tough . busy with tuition and studies and school . and im turning 15 next year ? wow . time goes by so fast . itsokay . books are going to be my new bestfriends . and we hang out together in school and tuition . greatttttttttttttt*sarcastic tone
8a's baby . i can do this . after all , i'm trying my best . wish me luckkk ,

holiday is over

because school is just about to start on monday . which is 6 days from now . hooo wow . its like so fast . i did nothing during these holiday season . my house is under renovation . i'm stucked home cleaning the dust and everything . i went out a few couple of times to pavillion , klcc , bb with my friends , boyfriend and cousin . diiferent days with different people . latest was , i went to pavillion with maira , we watch santau because there was no other movie was available so like yeah , and thats our last time out . and tht night , my brother becomes the Dj for Limkokwing's fashion show at pavillion so we went back with him . we already bought the lrt ticket . we were actually thought we're going back by it then my mom would pick us up at lrt setiawangsa but we didnt . so both our tickets cost around rm 3.20 . its a waste though . oh yeah , back to the school thingy . i havent buy anything , i just need to buy;
  1. Shoes
  2. School Bag(my old one is like soo old)
  3. Socks
  4. School's Baju Kurung
  5. Tudung
  6. Hairbend
  7. School Book's
  8. New Supporters(bra's & undies) haha

that's just it , for now :)

How i wish this would happen

i took this from Anys's blog .

She won't call you . you have to call her . she wont come talk to you , you should go talk to her . she's not going to let you act stupid and pretend she likes it . you should just be around her . when you 're with a group of friends , she isn't going to run to your arms , no matter how much she wants to . you need to come up behind her and wrap your arms around her , and let her friends get jealous . she loves you more than you can imagine , no matter how much she doesnt show it . but you boy , you need to show her how much you love her . so she isn't afraid to show it back .

Je t'aime ,

Amir Afiq♥

I miss them



Truly great friends are hard to find , difficult to leave , and surely impossible to forget .
I love you both♥

Morning Sunshineee

hi hello . good morning . its 10.42 a.m . hot warm coffee is still right next to me . havent yet had breakfast . nothing to do , nothing to eat , nothing to talk , nothing to laugh about . life seems boring . sitting home doing nothing . my nose is bleeding . stuffy nose . grrrrooo*my tummy's growling . now i'm hungry . i need more than coffee .

*now everything rhymes :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Guys , Read This

based on a few of my friends experience , and including me , i want to blog about being on a relationship .
For guys ,

1 . When you guys had a fight or you(boys) did some things that unpleasent her , you should go and ask "are you okay?" and when she said"im fine" or "yes" or "yeah" , that means she is soo not okay .

2. When you went to your bestfriend's house or a girl you just hangout a couple of times before, and she's a girl , and when you asked for your girlfriend's permission , even when she said yes . you shouldnt have go because , deep down inside her heart , she doesnt want you to go there because she's worried that things might happen .

3. If you're NEW to a relationships , like when youre sixteen , thats when you had your first girlfriend , you should atleast be nice to her . ATLEAST , do TRY . because that would please her a lot . And when she speaks to you and she seem serious , listen to what she is saying and give responce towards it other than changing the topic of the conversation .

4.Yes , to those who's new into relationships , please dont hurt her when she asked you to name who's the most important person in your live and you said "family , friends and you " .
Making her to be the last one on the list would seriously hurt her a lot because for some reason , she still wants to be wanted and important to you . they might not show it , but deep inside they are .

5. And please when youre in a relationship , and there's a guy is chasing after your girlfriend , try to tackle her and try to win her heart , you dont go"omg , he's better than me . look at his body , sixpack , muscles and i just have flabby tummy and no muscles . he deserves her"
NO! i repeat NO (!) . You dont do that . You should fight your love towards her , i mean . You should go like "oh yeah , she's mine . back off" . because if you think that guy is better than you , then why didnt she pick him a long time ago ?there must be something special about about you that the other guy doesnt have :)

6. When you love someone , you'll love them for what they are and how they are . The looks , the attitude . You have to accept all those facts about that person . No matter how bad they are ,
example; she took weed , she smoke , she party all night with boys and took drugs , she went clubbing or anything . If you really really love her , you'll soon to learn to accept all those above . And if she was really that bad , you can change her . You have to have faith and believe in yourself .

7.When she's being sarcastic , you should understand why she's doing it . Maybe sometimes she just wante to say something but the right way seems awkward or weird so thats why she was being sarcastic .

8.When she started to talk romanticcally to you , dont deny it or change it into another subject . She'll feel as if her love towards you was rejected . She'll be hurt and might never talk romantically to you ever again .

9.When youre out with you guyfriends , watching movies together , and going on a gig or anything , let her know where you are , Reply her text mssges . Because you might take it easy but she might be worried sick on how you are , where you at , where you with and everything . So even when youre out with your friend , please text her tell her where you at and be with her .

10.If youre new to relationships , please put her on the list of your top priority because that would make her really happy , and when you saw her anywhere on public places , even when youre with your friends , atleast say hi and give her a hug . that will show how much you care and love her .

dont regret

if you did something that i dont like , dont be shocked if i did it twice worser . and if you chnged , i'll change double worser on how you react .

mat gatal

haha , there's a story of a guy , i mean , okay . here's a thing , my house is currently under renovation . we're doing the bathroom and our built in clset and stuff . small things , like wallpaper , fan , upgrade the room and blabla . so there's this guy , he told me he was in form 1 this year .i was kinda surprise because he's a ChinDian and he had like piercings on his ears and stuff and baru f1 . like wtf , maybe thats how they are , i dont know , then he's like soo GATAL . wee , susah do nak explain . haha . one morning i was drinking milo , act i was making it , then he came across and he was like "goodmorning !:D" i was like , "oh ha k" then he kept bothering me and my cousin . like "akak lawa lah , nak number boleh ?" "ada number tak kak?"
wee wtfuck . and then this one time , he asked me whether i have i bf or not , i was like " ohh . tak , asal ?" then dia cm "oh , mau no boleh?" i was like "hehh tkyah lah"
then the ther time , he asked me again "akak ada bf tak?" i was like "oh haa ada2 , special 1 je , yg lain tu tukar2" hahaha then he was like "oh number ada kak ?" i was like "*buat gaya org call*oh hey . omg lama tak dgr ceritayou . imissyoutoo! i know , so how was yr date with him?korg buat apa ah dlm movie? " he just stare as i walk away .HAHA
and then , my cousin , she's like 20 . he still bothers her . he was like "kak , ada number?"
she's american so she went " oh yeah , i do . i use maxis , idk which to use . they say celcom is better and cheaper but since people here uses maxis so i just use it " . i guess he didnt understand because he kept silence . then he goes"akak cantik lah " then my cousin went on and said "omg . thnkyou! yre soo cute . how old are you ?like 10?same as my younger brother!"
hahahaha . he kept silence . then when my cousin blowdry her hair , he kept looking until she had to say "GO AWAY !!!" . gatal gilaaaaa . and the best part is , this oneday . he went to my cousin and said "kak , no siapa ni?" and then my cousin said "idk " and then he goes "oh taknak save?imah punya ke?" and then my cousin said"if it was imah's friend or smethng , i bet she might have save it on her phone , not on a piece of old newspaper . and then my cousin threw t away . the weird thing is , yesterday was my brothers engagement so we had to go to melaka . we left early in the morning around 9.30 , and i remembered closing my door on my room . even my cousin saw it . then when we came back . my cousin saw the same number on a ripped old newspaper ON MY BED . and she showed it to me . so that mat gatal guy , come into MY ROOM . which is soo scaryy because he's like a huge stalker . when he first came here , they had to do smethng in my room so i went downstairs and slept on the sofa wearing a singlet . when i woke up , he was string at me , not the type where"eww she's ugly" . his face was more on "mmm yeahhhh babyyy*tongue licking out of his lips . that face!"
haha , and he was staring at my boobs . like i said , perverted mat gatal. and the number he left me was his phone number . i feel like giving him a prank call or smthng if he does it again . or maybe i'll put a sign on my door"A GUY WITH WEIRD EAR-RINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN HERE" haha . seriously , i'm soo pissed . gatal punya budakk , teyy .

Abang Long's Engagement


haha im fourteen for now , wee . on 18th december , i went out with myfriends and stuff . watch love happens and i got a starbuck blueberrycheesecake from that "special someone" *winkwink
and walk around pav , klcc , window shopping . hehe
it was a blast i guess . and thanks guys for the birthday wishes !:D

Thursday, December 17, 2009


heee , tomorrow , December 18th is my birthday ! okay , im turning fourteen , woohoo . lehh , fourteen je kot . haha

yawwwwwwwww !

miss me ? i know . its been like for-e-e-verrr i didnt blog . i got busy with life , school , friends , loved ones<3 , eleh . soo , i think i'm gonna continue blogging from today , again . haha