Monday, December 28, 2009

holiday is over

because school is just about to start on monday . which is 6 days from now . hooo wow . its like so fast . i did nothing during these holiday season . my house is under renovation . i'm stucked home cleaning the dust and everything . i went out a few couple of times to pavillion , klcc , bb with my friends , boyfriend and cousin . diiferent days with different people . latest was , i went to pavillion with maira , we watch santau because there was no other movie was available so like yeah , and thats our last time out . and tht night , my brother becomes the Dj for Limkokwing's fashion show at pavillion so we went back with him . we already bought the lrt ticket . we were actually thought we're going back by it then my mom would pick us up at lrt setiawangsa but we didnt . so both our tickets cost around rm 3.20 . its a waste though . oh yeah , back to the school thingy . i havent buy anything , i just need to buy;
  1. Shoes
  2. School Bag(my old one is like soo old)
  3. Socks
  4. School's Baju Kurung
  5. Tudung
  6. Hairbend
  7. School Book's
  8. New Supporters(bra's & undies) haha

that's just it , for now :)

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