Tuesday, December 29, 2009

doing good ?

are you ? or arent you ? for me it is :)
i'm having problems with my mood swings these past couple of days . its like so weird . sometimes i cried for no reason and get so mad for no reason . i mean , certain , of course .
well , it bothers me ........

till i found out this morning i was on my "girly time" . if you know what i mean *winkwink
its a girl thing . hmm , no wonder ive been acting so weird . oh yeah . my phone is out of credit . which actually sucks because i cant text/call my loved one(s) . haihhhhhh .

aaaaa . i need credits . maybe i should clean the house to get some of it , you know . like an "upah" from mymom ? yeahh . i would . just to keep in touch with them though . my life without my phone , is in-complete . even when py phone for now is a shitty nokia , and the only "COOL" function on it was , umm . torchlight ? yeah . the phone where old people use . its my mom's but my was broke so refuses to bought me a new one so she gave her phone to me and she bought another one for her . cheapasss-.- . okay thats rude . haha

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