Saturday, February 28, 2009


it really really does hurts when the person that u really care abt and love like's ur bestie,haihh.
i know.its painfull,it in the situation where the person i love is currently in love with one of my bestie.sadly,he only talks to me to talk abt her.i agree that she's prettier and better.
but still,babe,you can have him.he's the one who's into you and not me.well,perhaps soon you guys will get closer.loves,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

like i give a fuck.

yeah,like i give a fuck.its MY BLOG.i have my own right to BLOG ABOUT ANYTHING I WANT.i repeat:MY BLOG,I'LL POST WHATEVER I WANT.

p.s:i'll LET YOU KNOW.sukati aku lah weyy aku nak post ape semua,benda skang blog aku bkn blog kau BIATCH.silap orang aa kau nak cari gaduh dgn aku-________-


Finally,DAPAT online.MUAHHAHAH:P
eleh.soo,as i was saying.internet connection this letely SUCK.bodohh aa,haih.
oh then,lately gaduh2 semua ngn soo called FRIENDS.yeah.pastu aku kena salahkan en en en?sial en?adoi,complicated sial.hadoi.oh and i have soo MUCH TO BLOG ABT!!
hehe.oh i currently demam,and got flue.kat rumah ke sekolah ke,i would sneeze like HELL!
hadoi,sikit2 sneeze,ohh another bad news.PHONE ROSAK.sial sial sial sial,haihh;/
oh and srry huwaida tk reply msej you.phne rosak doo.well.result semua okay aa especially my mom tngk and said"84 je?ape laaa,",<-------------i work hard on it and this is what i get,fucktup dooo.hishhh.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cats:Ayu and Don,

Ayu passed away like 10 somethng.may god bless you in the other world baby:(,ohh and Don folloed her this morning.semua sudah selamat dikuburkan.mannn,you two were just 3months sorryy.goodbye babiesss:/

*the other two,Ollie and currently in the Wad right now.they might have the risk of having a leukimia or kekurangan darah putih,and like somekind of virus bt it doesnt effect humans.its only for cats.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

its OVER.

dah habis EXAM DH WEYHH!weee,suka gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.hahaha:P
well,today.MRAZ senyum ,haha.dh aa smile die like to die for SMILE! soo inlove.

"everytime we say goodbye,i wish we had a one more kiss,"
"i'll wait for you,I promise you"

hahahaha.mygodd.dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,let me just call you MR.AZ?or or.MRAZ.ahahha:P


ohh did i mention,i got my real true LoveBite about two days agoo,haha.soo cmnie.i was in the bus,at my usual seat,then.he camee,MRAZ.muahahah,pastu cm ohh ok.buat bodoh.then i was like soo nervous and bite my lips.sampai sekolah,merah gilaa my lips,haha.semua cmnie

maira:asl bibir kau doo?
maira:eleh kau.asl doo?

then cm semua tanye.haha.dh ah baru lepas valentine,so its like evrybody thinks i got my LoveBite on V's Day.haha.then jln2 kat koridor jumpa sham,die cm:

Shamimi:imah!asl bibir?
Shamimi:haaa,LOVEBITE EHHH!!!*she screams*
*people tngk,sbb dpn class org enn,semua pndg slek,haha:P

imah:nnti kita cte:)

gaaahahahha,padahal LoveBite nye pasal nmpak mamat nie nervous sngt smpai bite my lips gila gilaa,so its like.still,a LOVEBITE:B

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tuah Deaths.

hello fellow sadly to onnounce here that my dear cat,named Tuah had gone from the world.he died on the way to the clinic.Sudden Death i suppose.i just came back from the school around 5,and my parents cuarantine him on the cage bcs he can even walk.and we put evrything in there,milk,water,food.things to keep him comfy:(,but sadly.i was crying to see him breathing like there's no air.and my mum decided to take him to the clinic,we went all over the place but all the clinic had close.and on the way finding another clinic,he died on the car.and sadly,why does it have to be on february 14?ohhh Tuah,i miss you like hell:(,when u passed away,i was crying like hell,and huwaida was there to calm me down:/,i hope u rest in peace Tuah:(.and we buried him in front of our house with his little sister next to him.hmmm,i miss you a lot :(,i still wait that u can wake me up in the morning running into my room and just annoy me until i wake to gave ur breakfast.if u were here i would buy you a billion of ur fav foo,the fish in the packet.yg whiskas punye tuu:(*tears**sigh*.hmmm,i love youu baby soo were just 6month:((((

here are the memories of Tuah's:/

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Typical..

Another Typical Face of always.hmm,i'll try to smile when i see you.bigges&sweetest smile ever:) and i have a gift for be nice,then i'll bad?i'll slap u at that moment.

I bruised easily.

"You sang me Spanish lullabies
The sweetest sadness in your eyes

I never want to see you unhappy
I thought you'd want the same for me

Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream
I'm trying not to think about you
Can't you just let me be?
So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
I should've known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do

Without you on my mind
So you're gone and I'm haunted
And I bet you are just fine
Did I make it that easy
To walk right in and out of my life?

p.s/:goodbye almost lover O.O

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's wrong?

ape dah jady dgn GUYS these days?sumpah seko2 perangai cm kimak jee.bila layan elok2 kau emo,marah.bila kitaorg marah,kau merajuk.pantat dooo,sumpah i cakap.guys these days SUCKS.*sorry no offence to innocent male readers*,we do give a shit on what you do,and on how u treat us,it sucks:/,dont u care a heck abt feelings?eh come on lah.dont be rude.u dont even give a fuck abt ur ex-s.pegy mati aa buat sakit semua.tesh:O

Typical Face of Imah......

I'm impossible to forget, but I'm hard to remember.

sometimes life is predictable,wanted truth?find it yourself.Telling lies and avoid doubts.Singing eventually.Sharing within hours of conversation. You, me and music. We are infinite!haha:P

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Different me,

im different nowadays.i sekarang bawak bekal kot pegy skolah,majal tak duit.elaun 1 week rm30.kalau satu minggu bwak bekal,save semua 30rm kann?kann?haa.cuba kalau sebulan?banyak kan?hahaha.senang sikit.air pon bawak kot.saving gila babi nie.haha.and huwaida babe,i cant wait.countdown!TWO MORE far is okay.i kept fighting with my-ex.perangai buat sakit hati cm kimak jee.and im okay without you.friends?were welcoming NURIN to our group(:,kesian kau kan kena layan cmtu?kawan jelah dgn kitaorg.we dont mind.
family?boleh boleh lah.haha:P

*and to perverts-guys-fuckers-bastard-FUCK not in the mood of having a new bf,instead,i fucking hate most of you,leave me alone.agree?good.take notes,*


im representing the NERDS for two zero zero nine.wanna take a few moment of laughters?here you go.15 seconds laughing abt how ugly i look in those glasses, i was saying,i dont give a fuck if you wanted to laugh or even making fun of me,bcs im gonna work hard this year,kick my ass off in this examinations next week!!!im gonna get straight A's baby!haha.InsyaAllah lah kan:P
ohhh hoho yeah.lawak kan tht picture?haha.being a nerd is

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


what the fuck lah weyh?you tak fikir feelings orang ke?i rasa mcm nak slap je ur face nanti time that day.sumpah i cakap.u buat i sakit hati ape lancau semua tk fikir plak?pastu bila i marah you sikit u nak emo tak tentu pasal?what the hell.ape masalah you?ur mood en,kalah perempuan period you tau?sumpah i ckp.kejap being nice.kejap sweet.kejap kerek.kejap mcm pukimak lancau jee.faham tak faham?i benci you.i benci you.sng cte,i hate you.faham dah?and guess what.i tak puas hati on how u treated me this lately.bukan this lately jee.since the day we met.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

all i did for today.

Eat again
The End

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anys' Birthday.

setelah penat bermain tepung,baringbraing:),haha
lyna ayu do kau
kesian kau nurin,kau yg plan,kau yg kena bnyk,
kena sikit jee time nie,dh nak habis tu AMIK KAU,bnyk doo.haha
azam tercinta maira,anys and sya,tk faham do korg nie share share,haha:P
setelah penat bermain tepung,baringbraing:),haha
syaaaaa syaaaaaaaaaa:P
imah & mairaaaaaaaaa

birthday girl:DD
okay.i woke up around 4 am since my ex call me(mcm bodoh jee call orang pagi2 buta pastu confess suka this girl,which is my bestie),babi.aha:P,okay.then tido balik.around 6.56 cmtue i was up and take a shower and stuff.siap2 dh semua.then,fuhh,oh yeah!mlm td i wish anys,im the 4th PERSON!whoahh,bangga bhaii:),haha.eleh.okay.then abg faliq hantar pegy sekolah sbb ade kokorikulum.then cm sampai skolah jumpa maira dgn nurin.then cm say hi and stuff.blabla,haha.then BIRTHDAY GIRL SAMPAI!muahhhaaxD,then wish lagi semua.then beratur.habis koko kitaorg pegy carefour wangsa maju doo,sumpah best.our gang,me,maira,sya,lyna and anys haha.then fathy(bf lyna) and nurin follow kitaorg.then then pegy beli hadiah my frend jap sbb tonite bday party diaa,haha.soo alang2 beli je lah enn.okok,then cm pegy makan burger king!celebrate laaa dooo!haha:P,anys cm happy gilaa today,we're also happy for you babe!:D,okayy,hmm,pastuu maira pegy manetah ngn nurin then kitaorg gerak dluuu,lama doo tunggu,anys sampai bengang.dh lah panas,bajet ade payung enn,hahaha.then lepak taman belakang sekolah.tngk2 ramai gilaa kot kat situu.tesh.pastu cm tbe2 tngh lepak2,NURIN START baling tepung.fuhhh,ape lagy!serang!waaaaaaaaaaaa!hahahahhaXD
main main tepung habis baju tudung seluar semuaa,adoiyai.haha.habis.
pastu lepak jap.penat.main basketball lah tah ape enn.pastu lepak rumah maira.pastu harini mmg VAIN GILAAAAA!:DD.
*sorry,gamba yg lain nanti maira akan upload kan:), sikit jee.haha:P

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bad Day.

today i had a really really really bad day.haa.nampak tuu.3xtimes really.means its really how it begins.since i ONLINE&BLOGGING pagi td,i forgot until that is 12.10 which my bus is suppose to be here by tht time,and it DID.i miss the BUS.thanks a lot bus diver(:,and yeah patah balik naik bukit at myhouse,and mintak abg faliq tolong hantarkan pegy wangsa maju,skolah enn,pastu tak boleh,kawan die dh ontheway amik dia,haihh,then.they drop me off dekat LRT SETIAWANGSA.then pandai2 lah cari sendiri en cab.cari2 jumpa pon.dpt yg psycho punya driver,haha:P,letih do carik.sbb time tengahri en dieorg tak amik org,ade break.hahathen.ade ah jgk yg amik.pastu nasib ade duit doo,mahal gilaa:/,sampai skolah kena PALAU.dgn bestfrend sendiri weyh.pastu bdk nie berkepit to them i dont exist.haihh.then amik kau,time rehat,BOCOR,period.WTF laa enn.haihh.time class B.I,tertido.kena sound dgn cikgu.balik baju basah sbb hujan,then asyik kena kacau dgn guys-___________-,then balik.i had a war with my mum,gila doo,she was soo fucking pissed when she knew i missed the bus and pegy skolah naik cab.amik kau,non-stop RADIO BEBEL and kalau radio,boleh jugak turn down the volume,ni cm lagy kuat ade ah,hmm:/,malang doo nasib harinie:(

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daily Routine.

today i woke up at 9.which is very late.woke up.brush my teeth.take-a-real-quick-shower.haha,
then siap2 pakai BAJU KURUNG!HAHAH:P,alim en?nak pegy mengaji lah katakan.haha,then
suro my maid buatkan milo,minum sampai lecur bibir sampai skrg.PANAS sngt,tau klau cmtue aku buat sendiri,haihh,skait doo,merah2 bibir.hmm,then suro abg faliq hantar.sampai kat ustazah's house around 9.40 cmtuu.ngaji ngaji pstuu abg faliq suro amik.tngk2 time call die tngh practise dgn dj set die sbb die ade event mlm nie kat club mane tah.spin ah sane sini.gilaa bising smpai time tngh call ustazah pandang slek,haha:P,ohh ohh eventhough im thirteen goin on fourtee.i baru nak masuk al-quran esok.Alhamdullillah:),so starting esok dh masuk quran ah.dulu nagji2 then stop2years,bila ngaji balik dh gagap2 enn,soo,its never too late to satrt it over again:D,then balik terus tuka baju skolah.pakai deoderant skit,haha then amik kesempatan online jap.pastu makan.haaa,since dlm my fridge,evrything dh habis sbb my family mmg kuat makan:D,haha.yg ade eggs,cheese,bread,baby tomatoes,salad,mayo.then guna ah semua bahan2 nie utk breakfast+lunch,gila lah lapar time tuu.haha.buat boiled eggs and rotie semua.EXPERIMENT WEYH:)haha,best.omg.dh kul 11.55?gila cepat.okok guys.gtg aite!
i'll update more.bas dh nak sampai doo.tak siap lagy:),tkecare bloggers:DD

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun Day.

kaki baru shave(:,kilat en?eleh.
im freakin jealous dgn body dia,tau ah dulu she use to model:P
rest japp,penat doo swimming(:
the pool,it was awesome(:
berenang cm katak,eleh.mean gilaa:P
me swimming,eventhough its in the pool,why do i still seem soo short?
nice teeth:P,grrr.
kak alia<3
today i woke up at 9a.m.i woke up.brush my teeth,basuh muka and stuff.then change into my swimming clothes.i wore my surt-shorts and my sleeveless loose brown shirt.and then.tengok2 kak alia(my cousin from us) dh bgn duluuu,tak adil!haha.then cm gerak ah.makan breakfast.pack bags.then move on bebeyh!haha.we went swimming at the club,at palace of the golden horses,which my parents have membership doo.swimming ngn kak alia sumpah lawak.dh lah die ni swim cm katak nazak:P,ahha.then usha orang semua like "auww,auww,man he's HOT","omg,he's hairy","aww,comelnya baby nie","hey want my number?i use maxis:P","you dont want us,we got aids,JUST KIDDING"<---------we use that when old BOLDY men or like pakistani guy who cleans the floor and stuff approach us.haha:Pthen lepas pegy swimming,pegy putrajaya.LUNCHTIME BABE!!:D,haha.i ate kuew-teow goreng and BLUEBERRY WAFFLES.hehe:)and's some picture of US today:DD