Monday, December 28, 2009


i havent eaten anything yet until now its like almost 3 p.m . ohgod . i just dont feel like doing anything you know ? my mom's coming back soon from work . i wish she brought food cause that would be niceee . ayyy , very nice . hihi
soo . what to talk laling's ? im running out of words and idea . i'm suppose to meet my oldfriend from shah alam at seri maya today . yehh , that hookah place . i'm not going . nobody could pick me up or take me there . but sya , i do really miss you :) . we'll hangout someother time , maybe next year . perhaps . i Pinky Promise*:)
hehhh . speaking of hookah , i havent done that in like a month ? i guess ? i get dizzy and i have asthma so i could not do that as much often as all my friends are . i might end up in the hospital because of difficulties in breathing . hahah
who knows;)

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