Sunday, November 23, 2008


i thought i already been through and gotten it over it a billion times before.
So why is it coming back now?its not like i want it to happen.Its not like I want to hurt you.Why can't you understand?Sometimes things just happen.Who could predict it would turn out this way?

i'm sorry.I'm not perfect.I can't live up to your expectations,because I can't can't even lift up to mine.You said get over it.I know you're already fed up off all worries and teh same problems i face everyday.I whine about it.Yeah.So what if i do?

I'm barely thirteen.i'll be thirteen next month though.I've had my share of hurt and pains and life's a living hell right now.These days,nobody seems to understands what i really want.Oh,for the love of peace,PLEASE leave me alone!Stop asking!Stop telling me what to do!How would you know?You bloggers lived in a totally different world from me.I'm nothing compared to your expactations of excellent results!You're a perfectionist.I'm not.Why can't u just accept me for what i am.everybody is different.

I'm strong now,but i learned the hard way.Friends say i take it too personally, and that's because i think too much that i'm kind of in a war with myself.i hate myself anyway.Somebody maybe gonna ask me,to go see the psychiatrist.Hah.They think i'm in trauma -which just goes to show how dumb people really are.

well,bloggers.its 6.48 in the to u later and make u feel bored of my blog bcause my life sucks.its BOREDOM.and i'll write this of later.soon.wtflahh enn.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

its been awhile.

its been awhile i didnt update this blog.well yeah,school break sucks!staying at home evryday is bored.what i do everyday is sleep,online,eat,watch tv,music,phone.
that's all.freaking bosan.haha.btw.i'll update this blog soon if i have a story or if i terasa rajin i will.for now on sumpah TAK RAJIN AND TIADA CERITA BARU.
soo,bile ade i'll update it dear friends.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

last nite was AWESOME.

me and my brother plus my couzin went to the anniversary.the event was at ou.
we were umlike listening to our local band performance.we have estranged,bittersweet,meet uncle hussein,one buck short and all.we did have fun actually.well its kind of awesome in the first place.but,there's this thing,at the end.we were kind of super PISSED with it.we thought bass agent was there,as an ending to that event.the person that is most pissed when bass agent wasn't there was my brother,faiz.he had been waiting like hell,saving his energy and all,just to shuffle at the end.and soo blablablablabalabla.and at the end,there was NO BASS AGENT AT fm saje je buat cerita gempak biar budak2 shuffle semua turun.and time ade dj,it was okaylahh.he actually had eject his cd a couple of times,but still.i think its because he's NERVOUS.yelah.what the hell.big crowd kot.sape tak.memang tipu lah kalau kata tak nervous.and were umlike dancing.and dekat situ kind of banyak rempit's and boyan's.well,duhhh,its a free event dude.mestilahh.and kitaorg mcm dance that time,asyik kena kacau.i was like.haish.main kacau2 kakilah.rase mcm nak terajang jee was pretty awesome i guess.and i was kind in a middle of dance and i saw that H guy with his friends.i think he did saw me dancing and all.i freaked out bcause of that incident on the webcam.soo,i was like keep dancing,and just ignore him while he looks at me like talking to his friends mcm "is that IMAH?i think that's her dude".and i was like teringat about that incident.yg onthephone talking to anys about him while webcam-ing.i was like."OMG.malu lah siall"haihh.i just mcm buat tak kenal.but i did macam nak say hye and all but its gonna be weird if he didnt see me.soo, i walk dekat belakang sikit because i think guys in front of me took drugs or something sampai dance mcm org gilaa.sampai berpeluh2 baju basah mcm mandi semua.
so i just.okay.chill lah enn.and after that,i didn't see that H guy again.he texted me twice.and replied one of it and said that i was at this crowd in the middle semua.and he said come and meet me at the park.i was like talking to myself macam "NO thanks dude,i cant even stay away from my brothers for even a minute.they'll get mad and asking questions to me like i did something wrong."and i text him back i said i cant and all.the event was okaylahh.


Friday, November 14, 2008

it was sad.

okay.u guys may gonna laugh when u hear this,but what the hell lah enn?
hmm,macam nie.lastnite,i was watching always.and i got soo bored.i mean sumpah bored.mmg TAHAP MAKSIMUM.pastuu main tukar2 channel kat astro.then terbukak channel nicklelodeon.then tngk cerita best jee en.emma roberts kot.and die ade minat this guy,his name is jack bahari apentah en,then she wrote this song all about jack bahari.and she sing it with her guitar and,record it and put all of the songs in a cd.which she maded for him.then,the cd got lost and all and she was super freaked out of it.and that cd had fall to jack bahari.and it turned out that jack had listen to the cd.and it was sooo embarassing.and jack walk away with his new gf. i aws umlike crying when i saw that moment in that show,bcause it kind of umlike had happen to me that night i was haunted by the past.i know it may sound funny when u guys heard that i cry,u guys msti cm'ek eleh,benda cmtuu pon nak nangis.' but for me its kind of deep u know.haha.btw.i cry in front of the tv like a stupid person.dhlah tngh malam.mcm org tak betul.hahax))

Thursday, November 13, 2008

abuuuuuuu:'( had been twoo weekss kau hilangg:((.where did u goo abuu?gosh.imissyouu like hell dear cat!abu abu abu.sorrylah kalau aku slalu main2 kan kau sampai berlari2 terlanggar dinding and pintuux)).hmm,sorry doee.haha.bajet kau faham enn,aku manusia kau haiwan.different wehh,veryy different:).aha.abuu.aku rinduu laa bila subuh mama bukak pintuu depan,kau berlari2 naik atas masuk bilik akuu enn,kejutkan aku pagi2.lagi-lagi kalau aku ade bendaa penting nak buat pagi tuu selain bg kau makan.haha.thanks dear cat:).iloveyouu:DD.hmmm,abuu,baliklahh.ya allah.i pray for abu to come back home since the day he had gone missing.hmm,what can i do.dah cari satu kawasan setiawangsa tak jumpe.kalau nak cakap org curii pon betull jugak.sebab abu tu jenis yg manja and friendlyy.bububuuuuuu,rinduu laa kat kau.sampai hati kau tak balik rumah enn,dah 2 minggu dah buuu.:(.lastnite tak dapat tido,tengokk gamba abu yg die tido.main.sampai habis garden babah kau jahanamkan,haha. tuupun kitaorg tak marah sbb kitaorg sayang kt kau lahh abuu.abu sayangg,i just wish u can understand what human said.or even just what we said,please come home.i just really wish you can understand us and u'll come home soon dear.haih.kalau kau balik enn,kau nak makan ikan dalam packet yg bnyk perisa tuu,yg jenama whiskas tu enn,kau nak makan benda tuu sampai seminggu,sebulan,setahun,
tak kisah doe,serius.aku lagi sanggup kumpul duit belanja skolah aku sbb nk bgy kau makan ikan favourite kau tuu nanti.abuu baliklahh,semua org dalam rumah nie rinduu kat kau doe.please come back home.bakul kau slalu tido tuu,mama dah basuh dh kusyen die,siap ade alas lagi.baliklahh.abuu.i just wish kau faham ape yg aku cakap:DD.

-too my dearest cat Abuu.imissyoulikehelldearcat:))-imahh.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008



italy.the city of outrageous dreams.haha.i'm a person who dream big.soo,someday.
i will go there,well its awesome.that place have this fountain.where we can throw coins in there and we cam make wishes.well.that's what they nelieve in.but for me.
i dont tink its true.we'll see lah nanti in the futuree.gosh.i realy wanteed to go this kind of places.i hope high for it:)


i wishh.

top 4 places that i really wanted too,rome,italy,barcelona.
i would like to save my own money in the future just to go there on a vacation with some closest friends and family.if i could just wishh:DD




its one of the most favourite city in the world and it is also known as the city of romance or the most romantic city ever.i really am wanted to go there on this awesome vacation.someday i will.before i die.i will go there.i wanted to take a picture under the eiffel tower.i think its a great place to go.well,for me it is.i hope,one day.i'll go there on a vacation with the closest people and people i love like family and friends:)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

i'm bored.

its meee again.i'm bored.b b b b b ooooooooooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
i'm super bored.its 9.53 in the mcm org bodoh pagi2.sbb inilah mase free nak friends at home are snoring.and so as mycat.tidoo jee,
wtf,sumpah bosann.urrrghhhhh!!


Saturday, November 8, 2008

newborn baby kitten-tuah.

heyy,i totally forgot too tell u guys that i have a newborn baby kitten named tuah!
actually,it was before puasa they were born soo i made this blog was after raya,soo i didnt have time too write about it.soo.nanti i'll upload pictures of tuah.hmm,
we got the name tuah because the cat wass soo black,i mean.its whole body is black.
it had a long tail.and a real blue teal eyes.hehe,jap.back to the name.
my grandma on my mom side,we call her uwan.she lives in kuala pilah,kg side in negeri sembilan,soo,she came to our house on raya and said to my mom like this 'kenape bela kucing hitam.kucing hitam bawak sial.' and mom said,'taklah mak.kalau semua kucing hitam bawak sial,tak hiduplah dia kat dunia ni.'then,before my uwan came to my house,we did thought of giving the name tuah,then after the incident with my frandma kitaorg terus namekan die TUAH.haha.well.nanti sambung.i have guest downstairs.
i'l write it laterr:)


goshh,friends,imiss youu guys soo much.scholl holiday dah start dahh,eee,bosan!
takkan everyday nak lepak jee enn,haha.well.i miss most of my close friends, they are my life and lovess,haha,but sometimes saja suka sakitkann hatii akuu,eeee!haha
but well,i'm kind of used too it,DUHHH,it had been a year.of coursee.haaa,
mairaaa,anyss,lynaaa,syaa,feenaa-they are the most closest people or should i say friends.for the girls sidee lahh,klau guys hmm-acap,mel,imrann,fareed,ikmal,wish,haziqq,haha.and and this very veryy special guy- *druss.ahahhaa,ya allah,imiss him soo badlyy:(.eleh.yeah.
haa,so friends,imyouguys too.of coursee.haha.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


family,there are umlike the most closest people in my life.
we care about each other,we love each other.haha,
btw,i'm here to tell you that i love my familyy,my big happy family!
haha,of coursee,sape yg tak sayang family sendiri?its a fact, evryone have their own
family and they do love each other,and my family is always there with mee,
through anysort of problems,we share each others secret and everything together.
like mine,i mean my kind of familyy,i have 3 brothers-and of course my parents.
i'm telling u this,they care about me all time,i repeat,all the timee.hee.
and especially my brothers,the 2nd one,his name is faliq,eventhough he care abt me all the time,he's the one who took me to the movies with his longlasting girlfriend name dihaa:D.haha,kak,jom tngk wayang lagyy?hahahh,she is very sweet and pretty nice to me:)
yeah,and he is also my fashoin advisor.klau pegy shopping,ngn die ahh,sbb die tuu tau sumee pasl fashion2 niee,haha,and he back me up if anything happen,whether its about family or friends:).sayang kauu,haha.x))