Saturday, December 26, 2009

mat gatal

haha , there's a story of a guy , i mean , okay . here's a thing , my house is currently under renovation . we're doing the bathroom and our built in clset and stuff . small things , like wallpaper , fan , upgrade the room and blabla . so there's this guy , he told me he was in form 1 this year .i was kinda surprise because he's a ChinDian and he had like piercings on his ears and stuff and baru f1 . like wtf , maybe thats how they are , i dont know , then he's like soo GATAL . wee , susah do nak explain . haha . one morning i was drinking milo , act i was making it , then he came across and he was like "goodmorning !:D" i was like , "oh ha k" then he kept bothering me and my cousin . like "akak lawa lah , nak number boleh ?" "ada number tak kak?"
wee wtfuck . and then this one time , he asked me whether i have i bf or not , i was like " ohh . tak , asal ?" then dia cm "oh , mau no boleh?" i was like "hehh tkyah lah"
then the ther time , he asked me again "akak ada bf tak?" i was like "oh haa ada2 , special 1 je , yg lain tu tukar2" hahaha then he was like "oh number ada kak ?" i was like "*buat gaya org call*oh hey . omg lama tak dgr ceritayou . imissyoutoo! i know , so how was yr date with him?korg buat apa ah dlm movie? " he just stare as i walk away .HAHA
and then , my cousin , she's like 20 . he still bothers her . he was like "kak , ada number?"
she's american so she went " oh yeah , i do . i use maxis , idk which to use . they say celcom is better and cheaper but since people here uses maxis so i just use it " . i guess he didnt understand because he kept silence . then he goes"akak cantik lah " then my cousin went on and said "omg . thnkyou! yre soo cute . how old are you ?like 10?same as my younger brother!"
hahahaha . he kept silence . then when my cousin blowdry her hair , he kept looking until she had to say "GO AWAY !!!" . gatal gilaaaaa . and the best part is , this oneday . he went to my cousin and said "kak , no siapa ni?" and then my cousin said "idk " and then he goes "oh taknak save?imah punya ke?" and then my cousin said"if it was imah's friend or smethng , i bet she might have save it on her phone , not on a piece of old newspaper . and then my cousin threw t away . the weird thing is , yesterday was my brothers engagement so we had to go to melaka . we left early in the morning around 9.30 , and i remembered closing my door on my room . even my cousin saw it . then when we came back . my cousin saw the same number on a ripped old newspaper ON MY BED . and she showed it to me . so that mat gatal guy , come into MY ROOM . which is soo scaryy because he's like a huge stalker . when he first came here , they had to do smethng in my room so i went downstairs and slept on the sofa wearing a singlet . when i woke up , he was string at me , not the type where"eww she's ugly" . his face was more on "mmm yeahhhh babyyy*tongue licking out of his lips . that face!"
haha , and he was staring at my boobs . like i said , perverted mat gatal. and the number he left me was his phone number . i feel like giving him a prank call or smthng if he does it again . or maybe i'll put a sign on my door"A GUY WITH WEIRD EAR-RINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN HERE" haha . seriously , i'm soo pissed . gatal punya budakk , teyy .

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