Friday, October 24, 2008

abu and aby.

this is the two cats that i have named abu and aby.both of them are very hyper active and kuat makan:P.abu is a male while aby is female:).they were given birth by their mother named sally.sadly for us,sally ran away to our neighbour's house because of her children.yup.mama said that god jadikan kucing nie,bile die dah besar,grow old, they wont remember the smell or the looks of their kitten.its kind of harsh but,currently,its nature.soo,what can i doo,god made it.haha.i really like playing with these two cats.they are soo adorable and soo manja.manja gilaa lahh.and they like too wake me up in the morning,and mcm just 'meoww' kuat2 soo that i would be awake and play with them.haha.abuu abyy.they were named by the movie that P.Ramlee played roll dad.tibe2 nak namekan kucing cmtu.hahah.and soo.
i really like my cats,abu and aby,iloveyouboth till death!haha.i wish cats can talk to humans.hmm,i just wishh.yeahh:DD

i'm just starting.

haha.ini blog baruu buat.baruu nak start buat this things.sooo,bahasa saya campur2 skit.chill lahh amatuer.hahahh