Saturday, December 26, 2009

Guys , Read This

based on a few of my friends experience , and including me , i want to blog about being on a relationship .
For guys ,

1 . When you guys had a fight or you(boys) did some things that unpleasent her , you should go and ask "are you okay?" and when she said"im fine" or "yes" or "yeah" , that means she is soo not okay .

2. When you went to your bestfriend's house or a girl you just hangout a couple of times before, and she's a girl , and when you asked for your girlfriend's permission , even when she said yes . you shouldnt have go because , deep down inside her heart , she doesnt want you to go there because she's worried that things might happen .

3. If you're NEW to a relationships , like when youre sixteen , thats when you had your first girlfriend , you should atleast be nice to her . ATLEAST , do TRY . because that would please her a lot . And when she speaks to you and she seem serious , listen to what she is saying and give responce towards it other than changing the topic of the conversation .

4.Yes , to those who's new into relationships , please dont hurt her when she asked you to name who's the most important person in your live and you said "family , friends and you " .
Making her to be the last one on the list would seriously hurt her a lot because for some reason , she still wants to be wanted and important to you . they might not show it , but deep inside they are .

5. And please when youre in a relationship , and there's a guy is chasing after your girlfriend , try to tackle her and try to win her heart , you dont go"omg , he's better than me . look at his body , sixpack , muscles and i just have flabby tummy and no muscles . he deserves her"
NO! i repeat NO (!) . You dont do that . You should fight your love towards her , i mean . You should go like "oh yeah , she's mine . back off" . because if you think that guy is better than you , then why didnt she pick him a long time ago ?there must be something special about about you that the other guy doesnt have :)

6. When you love someone , you'll love them for what they are and how they are . The looks , the attitude . You have to accept all those facts about that person . No matter how bad they are ,
example; she took weed , she smoke , she party all night with boys and took drugs , she went clubbing or anything . If you really really love her , you'll soon to learn to accept all those above . And if she was really that bad , you can change her . You have to have faith and believe in yourself .

7.When she's being sarcastic , you should understand why she's doing it . Maybe sometimes she just wante to say something but the right way seems awkward or weird so thats why she was being sarcastic .

8.When she started to talk romanticcally to you , dont deny it or change it into another subject . She'll feel as if her love towards you was rejected . She'll be hurt and might never talk romantically to you ever again .

9.When youre out with you guyfriends , watching movies together , and going on a gig or anything , let her know where you are , Reply her text mssges . Because you might take it easy but she might be worried sick on how you are , where you at , where you with and everything . So even when youre out with your friend , please text her tell her where you at and be with her .

10.If youre new to relationships , please put her on the list of your top priority because that would make her really happy , and when you saw her anywhere on public places , even when youre with your friends , atleast say hi and give her a hug . that will show how much you care and love her .

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