Saturday, January 31, 2009


i had a DREAM.that i was in an CAR ACCIDENT.and i've dreamed of it three times already.
is it true?or it its just karma?its a bad thing i guess,and dahlah on that dream i saw HIM.and this girl.i dont know it goes.


i was waiting for someone.tak ingat sanagt.and suddenly.i had a phone call,and it was him.i was waiting for him in front of the 7E infront of my school had an event on that he called and said that he was already in front of my school.soo i walk to him.and we talk abt what colour of shirt do we wear and stuff because we haven't even met each i was crossing the road,i was hit by a car.and he saw me,and scream my name and just drop his phone.and i died at that moment with me on his arms.


i was waiting for him.and the same thing happen.and this time,he dropped the phone and DID NOTHING.and my face was like full with blood and was very painfull,eventhough its just a dream.but hurts.and it haunts me.


my alarm clock was on february 14.because i remember in that dream huwaida came to my house for sleepover.and i also checked the i know.huwaida called all the sudden kata die dh depan cm we meet and stuff.after that.Here It goes the bad dream.
huwaida was meeting someone.and i was left alone because all of my frends were busy.and as i was waiting for him,he texted me he can't come because he didnt have a transport or something like that.i was very disappointed of it.but i just sigh a lot.and then.i walk around the school.happy people were there.surround me.i wonder what makes them so happy.and then.i sit at this corner in my school.all the sudden,i SAW HIM,with another person,a girl.eventhough we dont have anything together anymore,i saw him making out.and he saw me too that i was starring at him with my eyes full with tears,it was very painfull at that time.and i left.i ran away.i went outside the school gate and then he chased me and called my name so many times,but i'd ignore.and here it goes.CAR CRASH.i was hurt.and all he did was cry and hold me in his arms and say please dont go and forgive me.that's all that i remember.i cant recall the others.but then i died.

i dont know why.this dream is a very bad thing.hmm:/

Thursday, January 29, 2009


yes.i dont have a meaning by posting this.its all about how i was treated.i cant keep crying. it would make me look week.and yeah.things just happen.and it happens for a REASON.
and thankyou very much for the memories.nothing last forever:|


sleepoever lah SANGAT.semua last minute cancel,maira mmg panas jee dgn kita semua enn:P
haha,but yeah.lepak lah jugak kat rumah diaa,best.tengok internet.GOSSIP.
kutuk2 org,bahhaha:P,pastu after that dinner at maira's place.sedap weyh,haha,thans to MAIRA!haha:P,but semalam fun doo,especiallyy time webcam,dgn huwaida,dia,and HANIM,mcm bodoh jee hanim en kau,tak habis2 dgn macha sebelah kau.haha:P

Should Have Known.

ohh yeah,this lyrics is very meaningfull,i mean like seriously man,wayy much meaningfull for me,i dont now abt you.but for me it is.its deep.and lagu die dh lah layan gilaa weyhhh.thanks to Cosmic Gate and Tiff Lacey.

I am centred by my fear,
I am hollowed,when you are near.
Can you feel the passion deep in here?
Do you understand the tears?

What's the price,I'll have to pay.
Should i take the the offer you made?
What's the least i'll have to say,
Eye to Eye we meet and then you take.

I should've known,you will leave me this way.
I should've known,you'd had to leave,
You could'd shown some dignity,
You could have shown me what to believe

I should have known,
You could have shown.

I am censored by my fear,
I am hollowed, when you're near.
Can you feel the passion deep in here,
Do you understand the tears?

I should have known.
You should have shown.

if you were listening to that song and reading this lyrics,then u'll know how much it means to me.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tagged By Aishah.

who do you like to be called?
call me IMAH please:)

do you have a nickname for each guy that you think he's cute?
yeah,but maira ah bnyk,kejap haa,kejap ed.eyy.haha:P

what do you want to be when you're grown up?
hmm,depends on the future.i would like to be someone's wife,haha:P

have you ever been hurt?
yeah,banyak kali dahh.

who've hurt your feeling?
people who surround me and yeah of course him him.

what did they do to you?
banyak lahh.mostly they hurt my feelings.

name 3 movies that you love.
2.picture perfect
3.maid in manhattan

are you mad?
bile bengang lahh,of course.

name 3 songs that you like.
2.Eyes set to kill-violent kiss&reach
3.Shine on-Jet

which contry boys that you think they are hot?

do you love ur hair?
of course,wavy weyhh:)

how's your school?
fine as always i guess.

any guys that you're interested in?

kena off ahh.nanti i sambung okay aishah:)
haha,tkecare guys:DD

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tagged by Huwaida Hottay:)

the last Saw you cry:
only me.

the person that Made you cry:
him,family and freinds.

the last person Went to the movies with you:
brother,faliq and his gf,kak dihaa<33

last person You went to dinner with:

the last friend You talked on the phone:

who Broke your heart:
mamat tu ahh,

who Made you laugh:

a person You thought about more than 3 times a day:
him aaa.

You borrowed something from?
maira's pen.smlm.

You got in a fight with?
people and bitches who pisses my ass off.

4 place that you wanted to go ?

1. Paris

4. -3 people that you've hated1.
those btches yg tak sedar diri=.=
thhose fucker !

if there's one person that you would like to punch and stab who will it be ?them,MUAHAHHA:P

who do you wish to tag ?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

amyyy ohh amyyy.

There Is No Greater Love-Amy Winehouse

There is no greater love,
Than what I feel for you,
No sweeter song,no heart so true.

Thers is no greater thrill,
Than what u bring to me,
No sweeter song,
Than what you sing,sing to me.

You're the sweetest thing,
That I ever known,
And to think that you are mine alone.

There is no greater love,
In all the world,its true,
No greater love,
Than what i feel for you.

p.s/i loveyouuu<3

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Congrats,to my dear fellow brother,muhammand faiz,as he gets the second place on KFC Shuffle Competition,i'm proud of you man!even kau selalu buli aku,like sumpah kau abg tak guna!
HAHHAHA:P,yeah,siblings enn,nak buat cmne:)


haha,dah 3hari skolah bruu nak update,haha:P,okay.nothing much to say here,hmm.let see,my class semua GIRLS,like WTF!babi bosan doe,haha,tak dapat nak flirt:Phaha,jkjk.hehe,at leats cm ade kawan nak gurau2 enn OTHER THEN MENGGEDIK TAK TENTU PASAL.rasa cm nak sepak je seko2,bising glaa,haihh,haha,and yeah,third nak hampir kena raba dgn budak pundek pendek tuuu-______________-,like fuckk,bodoh sial.die dtg kat i then kata"weyhh,sedap sial,tetek kau mantap!"<----------------geli doeee,eeeeeeeeee,haihh,bodoh punye pendek.haha,and and dah 3 hari tak belajar2 lagyy,all i did in my class was sitting there,lepak,borak,tidooo!aaha:P

Thursday, January 1, 2009

i did.i just did,

i just did,did what ?haha,being someone's gf.iloveyouuuhaidarrr<33,hehe.

1st of January 2009.

haha,omg,sumpah tak sangka harini dah January 2009. two thousand nine weyhh,gilaa lahh cepat.times go by soo fast!today rasa mcm bukan new year ohh.tak buat ape.bukan pegy mane2 ponn.what i did today bngn pon pukul 1.30,then bngn wash my face,brush my teeth,blablablabla,
terus turun having my lunch and my breakfast.text dgn tak rasa mcm new year.haha.pastu lastnite nak celebrate dgn kawan tak boleh wthell,ee,but at least i celebrate dgn huwaidaa,maira,and many more.especially diaa.hahah.
new year.dh form2 dah i.omg
then next year lagyy,i dah form3,pmr pmr pmr,shit shit shit!hahaha,
soo,nothing much to sayy.i'll update soon.and maybe i'll be busy,and laptop my brother dah die bawak pegy university masing2,soo,comp dh lah rosak.modem wireless ade,but laptop or comp takde.haha,soo maybe today is the last day that i can online.soo anyways,ily dear friends bloggers and foollowers.byebye.iloveyouu<333