Wednesday, December 30, 2009

jazz it !

i dont know why , i'm feeling super happy todayy . and currently listening to michael buble's song's . its very chill you know . thats what i want you know . songs that keep me going . plus ,the lyrics are soo sweet . the song love goes like this

"L is for the way you look at me . O is for the the only i see , V is very very , extraordinary E is even more than anyone that you adore . And LOVE is all that i can give to you .LOVE is just more than just a game for a two . Two inlove cant make it you take my heart but please , LOVE was made for me and you "
its like awwwwww . so sweet (NOT) . eleh . nawww , today its like a chill day you know ?i kept listening to love song's . LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE babyyyy . minnie riperton's -loving you , is quite nice but the lyrics sound dirty in a loving way . haha
its like ;
"Loving you , is easy cause youre beautiful , making love with you , is all wanna do . loving you , is more than just a dream come true , and everyday of my life , is fill with loving you .Loving you has made my life beautiful . and everytime that we "uhhhhhhhhhhhhh"*horny tone , i'm more in love with you "
making loveeeee , is what she meant . i guess ? hahaha
but its a nice song , seriously . i'm not kidding :)

its starting

the LOUD NOISE . THE DRILLS . omfg , thank god man created EARPHONES . hahah
what to do now , i'm browsing the songs on the laptop's playlist . i'm currently listening to breakaway by kelly clarkson . eventhough its an old song , its nice :)
like when you're depressed or not in the mood or something bad just happen and you just feel like killing yourself ? yeah . this song can help you stand up by your feet again :)

good good morniiiingggggggggg

hi hello . its 10.29 a.m . waky waky for those who havent wake up yet :)
apple juice it on the side of the table today , drinking it slowly , as if i'm enjoying it , but im not .
hehe . today , i woke up at 7.50 . my dad yelled . "fatimah , bangun . dh pagi syg . kejaplagi org datang nak pecah bilik bawah . you have to stay awake and open the door for them and nanti you wont be able to sleep , trust me . there's gonna be a loud noise downstairs . theyre re-doing the bathroom . so imah , wake up . huryyy upp"
i was like "ok bah . five minutes"
and then , it took me like ten minutes to wake up . plus another 5extra minutes . hihi
so then there i was , sitting on the couch downstairs with like red eyes and pajama bottoms and a black singlet . oh god , i was like so sleepy . and then mymom was like asking me to clean the house after she and my dad and my brother left for work . so i did . i had to cover all the furniture's downstairs at my house because theyre gonna drill and everything so its gonna be a-hell-lot-of-dust . then i wash the dishes , glasses , give my cats , aby and jebat breakfast . they need breakfast too you know , if not , they'll keep on meow-ing at the front door . so then i finished cleaning the house around . and then i brought the laptop up in my room and onlined . then arnd 9.30a.m i took a shower , blowdry my hair and waaaaaaalaaaah , here i am .
even when i slept like at 5 because i was cleaning my room , suddenly i had the mood (to clean) so did it . haha , and i havent had breakfast yet , there's workers downstairs . i dont feel comfortable you knw , eating in front of them . its like rude , kindish . plus , wht am i going to have? a slice of toasted bread with blackberry jem on top of it ? again?!
i rather wait for mymom . she said she's coming home from work at 1 then she'll buy us , me and my third brother FOOD ! yay! she said maybe mcd . well i guess its better than LAKSA . this one time , she couldnt cook because she was tired and the kitchen was dusty , she bought me LAKSA for the whole week . yeah i know , weird . hahah but what can you do right ? i just eat it . as long as my tummy is full then i'm fine with it :)

i did it

i cut my hair . i give layers , trim and added some volume on top . plus , the stylist didnt understand what i was saying so he cut my old fringe into the middle , not middle like "homygod?wht happen?" its like umm , he cuts in between bangs and fringe . i can make it into bangs or fringe , which is kinda okay . even after he messed up my hair . i went to the saloon in setiawangsa , next to restoran jumma . it was kinda expensive . its like rm30 for all of it including blow . hmm , its okay i guess . atleast i got a new hair cut for new year . new changes right ?:)

so , as i've promised before . a photo after my new haircut . here it is . a photo above :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

grrrrrrr-eattt news !

i might have my hair cut today . wee ;)
maybe i'm going with my second brothers girlfriend , kak diha and her bff , kak lisa .
i'm thinking on getting layers and trim you know ? and some volume on top because my hair seems flat on top and heavy curls underneath . any suggestions for good saloons in setiawangsa or wangsa maju ? i'm still thinking .
the cheaper the better , save money but the thing is . it doesnt mean its cheap , its a fine haircut . it might be worser . i might try the professionals saloon ones . but they only have it the nearest which is professional and cheap is in ampang . now who's gonna drive me there?
fuwee , plus now its like 4.30 p.m . traffic jam *duhhh
well working hours in malaysia is 8 till 5 rght ? mostly .
hmm we'll see hunny :)
if i do get it today . i'll upload a picture of me with new hair , okayy ? Isyaallah *if i got time*:)

doing good ?

are you ? or arent you ? for me it is :)
i'm having problems with my mood swings these past couple of days . its like so weird . sometimes i cried for no reason and get so mad for no reason . i mean , certain , of course .
well , it bothers me ........

till i found out this morning i was on my "girly time" . if you know what i mean *winkwink
its a girl thing . hmm , no wonder ive been acting so weird . oh yeah . my phone is out of credit . which actually sucks because i cant text/call my loved one(s) . haihhhhhh .

aaaaa . i need credits . maybe i should clean the house to get some of it , you know . like an "upah" from mymom ? yeahh . i would . just to keep in touch with them though . my life without my phone , is in-complete . even when py phone for now is a shitty nokia , and the only "COOL" function on it was , umm . torchlight ? yeah . the phone where old people use . its my mom's but my was broke so refuses to bought me a new one so she gave her phone to me and she bought another one for her . cheapasss-.- . okay thats rude . haha

Monday, December 28, 2009


thankyou mummy . you brought me food ! hahah
so . as you can see . finally , i ate :D
hihi . mymombought me mcd . uwlalaaa . okayy .
now . im soo full . after i ate , i cleaned the kitchen . wash dishes and some stuff .
spicy chicken mcdeluxe is my fav fav fav favourite ;)
soo yeah . mummy knows the best for her child *eww . i act like im 4 years old . hehe


i havent eaten anything yet until now its like almost 3 p.m . ohgod . i just dont feel like doing anything you know ? my mom's coming back soon from work . i wish she brought food cause that would be niceee . ayyy , very nice . hihi
soo . what to talk laling's ? im running out of words and idea . i'm suppose to meet my oldfriend from shah alam at seri maya today . yehh , that hookah place . i'm not going . nobody could pick me up or take me there . but sya , i do really miss you :) . we'll hangout someother time , maybe next year . perhaps . i Pinky Promise*:)
hehhh . speaking of hookah , i havent done that in like a month ? i guess ? i get dizzy and i have asthma so i could not do that as much often as all my friends are . i might end up in the hospital because of difficulties in breathing . hahah
who knows;)

its not easy

things happen for a reason , atleast . thats why i had heard of . and it is true . can you forgive a person who broke your heart and let them be in your life back ? would you have the guts to do so ? i did . just now . i know you can do this sweetheart . dont worry . i'm here . we can beat this . iloveyou ♥

yours to decide

everyday , every single day . there will be a new drama . like what i just experienced just now .
i just got off the phone with maira . i called her . i was in deep shock and was still crying . oh and yeah , i cried . life is unpredictable right ? and it just happen . An unpredictable thing .

-how would you feel if you woke up and then something that you expected will never happen , did happened ? how were you suppose to react ?

*i reacted by calling one of my besties , who i know that will always be there for me ♥
crying to her . tell her everything . and yet we ended up gossiping and laughing about each other :)

never say never

when everything seems lost , i'm stuck and falling down . you will guide me home . so promise me , you'll stay with me . wont you wait for me , care for me , and never say never again .

-that's what i remember how the song goes , for now .

evil laugh* heheh

i've watch this movie like a lot of times before . but when i think about it , its kinda fun you know , to get even back to your ex . i mean like , the way they did to us when we use to had something was horrible . was mean . and yet , heartless . so what are you waiting for ? care to join me ?*wink

2010 is near hunnay-ay-ay-ayyyy

can you have two things at one time ? i dont want 2009 to end because i'll miss it . and i dont want 2010 to start because , well . my two zero one zero BIGGEST FEAR is PMR . Uww . thats gonna be tough . busy with tuition and studies and school . and im turning 15 next year ? wow . time goes by so fast . itsokay . books are going to be my new bestfriends . and we hang out together in school and tuition . greatttttttttttttt*sarcastic tone
8a's baby . i can do this . after all , i'm trying my best . wish me luckkk ,

holiday is over

because school is just about to start on monday . which is 6 days from now . hooo wow . its like so fast . i did nothing during these holiday season . my house is under renovation . i'm stucked home cleaning the dust and everything . i went out a few couple of times to pavillion , klcc , bb with my friends , boyfriend and cousin . diiferent days with different people . latest was , i went to pavillion with maira , we watch santau because there was no other movie was available so like yeah , and thats our last time out . and tht night , my brother becomes the Dj for Limkokwing's fashion show at pavillion so we went back with him . we already bought the lrt ticket . we were actually thought we're going back by it then my mom would pick us up at lrt setiawangsa but we didnt . so both our tickets cost around rm 3.20 . its a waste though . oh yeah , back to the school thingy . i havent buy anything , i just need to buy;
  1. Shoes
  2. School Bag(my old one is like soo old)
  3. Socks
  4. School's Baju Kurung
  5. Tudung
  6. Hairbend
  7. School Book's
  8. New Supporters(bra's & undies) haha

that's just it , for now :)

How i wish this would happen

i took this from Anys's blog .

She won't call you . you have to call her . she wont come talk to you , you should go talk to her . she's not going to let you act stupid and pretend she likes it . you should just be around her . when you 're with a group of friends , she isn't going to run to your arms , no matter how much she wants to . you need to come up behind her and wrap your arms around her , and let her friends get jealous . she loves you more than you can imagine , no matter how much she doesnt show it . but you boy , you need to show her how much you love her . so she isn't afraid to show it back .

Je t'aime ,

Amir Afiq♥

I miss them



Truly great friends are hard to find , difficult to leave , and surely impossible to forget .
I love you both♥

Morning Sunshineee

hi hello . good morning . its 10.42 a.m . hot warm coffee is still right next to me . havent yet had breakfast . nothing to do , nothing to eat , nothing to talk , nothing to laugh about . life seems boring . sitting home doing nothing . my nose is bleeding . stuffy nose . grrrrooo*my tummy's growling . now i'm hungry . i need more than coffee .

*now everything rhymes :)

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Guys , Read This

based on a few of my friends experience , and including me , i want to blog about being on a relationship .
For guys ,

1 . When you guys had a fight or you(boys) did some things that unpleasent her , you should go and ask "are you okay?" and when she said"im fine" or "yes" or "yeah" , that means she is soo not okay .

2. When you went to your bestfriend's house or a girl you just hangout a couple of times before, and she's a girl , and when you asked for your girlfriend's permission , even when she said yes . you shouldnt have go because , deep down inside her heart , she doesnt want you to go there because she's worried that things might happen .

3. If you're NEW to a relationships , like when youre sixteen , thats when you had your first girlfriend , you should atleast be nice to her . ATLEAST , do TRY . because that would please her a lot . And when she speaks to you and she seem serious , listen to what she is saying and give responce towards it other than changing the topic of the conversation .

4.Yes , to those who's new into relationships , please dont hurt her when she asked you to name who's the most important person in your live and you said "family , friends and you " .
Making her to be the last one on the list would seriously hurt her a lot because for some reason , she still wants to be wanted and important to you . they might not show it , but deep inside they are .

5. And please when youre in a relationship , and there's a guy is chasing after your girlfriend , try to tackle her and try to win her heart , you dont go"omg , he's better than me . look at his body , sixpack , muscles and i just have flabby tummy and no muscles . he deserves her"
NO! i repeat NO (!) . You dont do that . You should fight your love towards her , i mean . You should go like "oh yeah , she's mine . back off" . because if you think that guy is better than you , then why didnt she pick him a long time ago ?there must be something special about about you that the other guy doesnt have :)

6. When you love someone , you'll love them for what they are and how they are . The looks , the attitude . You have to accept all those facts about that person . No matter how bad they are ,
example; she took weed , she smoke , she party all night with boys and took drugs , she went clubbing or anything . If you really really love her , you'll soon to learn to accept all those above . And if she was really that bad , you can change her . You have to have faith and believe in yourself .

7.When she's being sarcastic , you should understand why she's doing it . Maybe sometimes she just wante to say something but the right way seems awkward or weird so thats why she was being sarcastic .

8.When she started to talk romanticcally to you , dont deny it or change it into another subject . She'll feel as if her love towards you was rejected . She'll be hurt and might never talk romantically to you ever again .

9.When youre out with you guyfriends , watching movies together , and going on a gig or anything , let her know where you are , Reply her text mssges . Because you might take it easy but she might be worried sick on how you are , where you at , where you with and everything . So even when youre out with your friend , please text her tell her where you at and be with her .

10.If youre new to relationships , please put her on the list of your top priority because that would make her really happy , and when you saw her anywhere on public places , even when youre with your friends , atleast say hi and give her a hug . that will show how much you care and love her .

dont regret

if you did something that i dont like , dont be shocked if i did it twice worser . and if you chnged , i'll change double worser on how you react .

mat gatal

haha , there's a story of a guy , i mean , okay . here's a thing , my house is currently under renovation . we're doing the bathroom and our built in clset and stuff . small things , like wallpaper , fan , upgrade the room and blabla . so there's this guy , he told me he was in form 1 this year .i was kinda surprise because he's a ChinDian and he had like piercings on his ears and stuff and baru f1 . like wtf , maybe thats how they are , i dont know , then he's like soo GATAL . wee , susah do nak explain . haha . one morning i was drinking milo , act i was making it , then he came across and he was like "goodmorning !:D" i was like , "oh ha k" then he kept bothering me and my cousin . like "akak lawa lah , nak number boleh ?" "ada number tak kak?"
wee wtfuck . and then this one time , he asked me whether i have i bf or not , i was like " ohh . tak , asal ?" then dia cm "oh , mau no boleh?" i was like "hehh tkyah lah"
then the ther time , he asked me again "akak ada bf tak?" i was like "oh haa ada2 , special 1 je , yg lain tu tukar2" hahaha then he was like "oh number ada kak ?" i was like "*buat gaya org call*oh hey . omg lama tak dgr ceritayou . imissyoutoo! i know , so how was yr date with him?korg buat apa ah dlm movie? " he just stare as i walk away .HAHA
and then , my cousin , she's like 20 . he still bothers her . he was like "kak , ada number?"
she's american so she went " oh yeah , i do . i use maxis , idk which to use . they say celcom is better and cheaper but since people here uses maxis so i just use it " . i guess he didnt understand because he kept silence . then he goes"akak cantik lah " then my cousin went on and said "omg . thnkyou! yre soo cute . how old are you ?like 10?same as my younger brother!"
hahahaha . he kept silence . then when my cousin blowdry her hair , he kept looking until she had to say "GO AWAY !!!" . gatal gilaaaaa . and the best part is , this oneday . he went to my cousin and said "kak , no siapa ni?" and then my cousin said "idk " and then he goes "oh taknak save?imah punya ke?" and then my cousin said"if it was imah's friend or smethng , i bet she might have save it on her phone , not on a piece of old newspaper . and then my cousin threw t away . the weird thing is , yesterday was my brothers engagement so we had to go to melaka . we left early in the morning around 9.30 , and i remembered closing my door on my room . even my cousin saw it . then when we came back . my cousin saw the same number on a ripped old newspaper ON MY BED . and she showed it to me . so that mat gatal guy , come into MY ROOM . which is soo scaryy because he's like a huge stalker . when he first came here , they had to do smethng in my room so i went downstairs and slept on the sofa wearing a singlet . when i woke up , he was string at me , not the type where"eww she's ugly" . his face was more on "mmm yeahhhh babyyy*tongue licking out of his lips . that face!"
haha , and he was staring at my boobs . like i said , perverted mat gatal. and the number he left me was his phone number . i feel like giving him a prank call or smthng if he does it again . or maybe i'll put a sign on my door"A GUY WITH WEIRD EAR-RINGS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN HERE" haha . seriously , i'm soo pissed . gatal punya budakk , teyy .

Abang Long's Engagement


haha im fourteen for now , wee . on 18th december , i went out with myfriends and stuff . watch love happens and i got a starbuck blueberrycheesecake from that "special someone" *winkwink
and walk around pav , klcc , window shopping . hehe
it was a blast i guess . and thanks guys for the birthday wishes !:D

Thursday, December 17, 2009


heee , tomorrow , December 18th is my birthday ! okay , im turning fourteen , woohoo . lehh , fourteen je kot . haha

yawwwwwwwww !

miss me ? i know . its been like for-e-e-verrr i didnt blog . i got busy with life , school , friends , loved ones<3 , eleh . soo , i think i'm gonna continue blogging from today , again . haha

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i dont think you cared

yesss.who does?sorry.i've had not been blogging for a while.i'm quite busy with schools and exam's are coming soon.and i have a lot of stories,its just that i dont have time,that's all:)

-i'll be blogging when i have the right time-


yes shit.i am.haaa,exam next tak,start esok,friday!
gahhh,im soo not ready for it.anyways,pegy skolah pun tak blajarr kann?
aggagaga,school's sucks.if i'm home im always alone.friends biasa2 jee(:.
ehem ehem banyak gaduh:P

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

BACK BACK back.kampung was awesome(maklumlah,dh lame tak balik enn)

Thursday, April 9, 2009


u're wondering where im going rite?i'm going back to my kampung on my mom's site at kuala.pilah,negeri sembilan.yeah,my uncle is having a wedding there,soo i'll be back by sunday and will blog in some new stories aite peeps?yeahh,tkecare.lots of loves<3

Monday, April 6, 2009

omg,i just hate how ppl say and think they're fat eventhough they're NOT!at all!-________-
it makes me pissed off.seriouslyy.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


hmm,next week punya next week exam!-____________-,bloody hell,kena study lagy,whoaaaa!habis ah imah!fail ah kauuu,dh lah tk study lngsung and homework sentiasa siap last minute:DD,even essay bm.hehe,okayy,soo.what more?yeah.Uncle Din's kenduri's this weekend,homygoshh,its gonna be exhausting!but nvm.but letih then balik ade exam?argh!,IM SOO GONNA FAIL.thnkyouverymuch.

i feel like drinking milk and eat oreo's.byebye(;

life is wonderfull


miss me?hehe,pleaseeee say yes(:

'i tau lah i dh lama tak blogging enn?haha.okayy.agak lama lah because i didnt find a good stories to blog onn,its been like a week rite?hahaha,yeapp.nanti i'll blog okayy?(:

Saturday, March 28, 2009


can you see how much pain ive been through?enough is enough done with you.choww

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sports Day.

it was funn,the weather was very very very kills me,i was about to faint just now-______-,
grr.oh and i sat next to fatin my senior:P,and we talked abt our scholl name,which is smk SEKSsyen 5 wangsa majuu,like fatin said"oh we did 5 times a day.whoaaa,guys boleh mandul-.-"
haha,and we just laugh.stupid normal jokes.haha,and soo.nanti ah cite.nak chat dgn A,haha:P

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the fear

i want to be rich and i want lots of money,i don't care about clever I don't care about funny.
i want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds,i heard people die while they are trying to find them.

i don't know whats right and what's real anymore,and i don't know how i'm meant to feel anymore.
and when do you think it will all become clear?,because i'm being taking over by The Fear

forget about guns and forget ammunition, because i'm killing them all on my own little mission
now i'm not a saint but i'm not a sinner,now everything's cool as long as I'm getting thinner.

It started todayy

On first period today,i was chosen by my dear so called history teacher to read for the whole class about Bangkok Agreement on 1909.oh and my voice sound like a freak because i have this thing called soar throat-.-',haihh.History is and WAS harddd.but i know who i am.i adore my culture and i respect my own.i felt lucky because i was born in malaysia which is a wonderfull country other than palestin,africa and others and i was seriously proud to be one.I find my great2 grandpa and grandma's stories is interesting and it amaze me,i remeber when my grandpa told me,he was a soldier when i he was young.he fight with japanese people when they came here.and like,he was caught by them and saw his friend got shot in the head and died.itw awfull when i herd those.and he's gone now.i do really miss him;(.well,life goes on.and back to the story,today science i learn a new chapter dude,Chapter 5:Water&Solution,haha.then after recess ,Geography was spinning my head round and round,its difficult-_________-,and like after that,we skipped class again untill school was was awesome!:DDD

Monday, March 23, 2009


i saw this on my brothers bulletin board in myspace.and it is funny.haha

Saturday, March 21, 2009


school is starting tomorrow.goodbye holidays;(
oh and hell-oooo freaking study study study study.dammnit!
i hate school at times,and at times i love to go to school,
obviously,i think going to school is more better then sit at home and do nothing-___________-
rite?hahaha,ohh cant wait to get scold by teachers tomorrow:DD
wanna know why?because i skipped class on last fridayy"bad girll imahh,bad girll:P"
oh and i didnt even touch my books,all the homeworks and stuff.
i didnt do my homework and i skipped class from recess until school's over.
how cool is that?HAHA-___________-,
oh are the list's of so called homeworks i didnt do.


-Sejarah Chapter 1-3,NOTA!
-English,Journal Entry and ape tah,tk ingt-.-

wow!im soo dead by tomorrow:O
and it would be awesome(:


i like this picture soo much(:,i was in a candid way.and maira ke anys took the picture.heheh:)

heard em say(:

kanye west's songs makes my my day.because the lyrics have a thousand times meaning how to appereciate life.nothing last forever was truee.not a thing or a person rite?ohh im missing you and loving you every second <3


i saw this on gandem's blog.and kau betul do pasal cikgu niee,hahahaha.soo here how it goes.
pendapat gandem tentang cikgu yang mengajar kami PJ & SIVIK. and p.s/:die takde SIVIK nak ajar anak orang sivik,HAHAH,kan kan?

"lagi2 time ckgu keling rempit tu, bajet kau cantik apa lancau sume aa? OUHHH PLEASEEE AA WEHHH.klu ada org ckp kau cantik sume tuu,dorg tu mmg tkde mata,klu ada punn stock mata letak ktt bontot:Dpukimak,kau igt kau sapa nk sound2 aku?kau dh aa eshhh mls aa nk ckp enn,kau tgk aa nnt,klu aku dah tahu rumah kau kt mana, JGN KAU TANYA ASL RUMAH KAU TERBAKAR or SAPA YG BAKAR,HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA kau tgk je lahh,rumah kau tu patut HITAM mcm MUKA kau yg HITAM LEGAM tu lahh setann,suka sgt enn cari psl dgn aku ,skrg aku plk nk cari psl dgn kau,kau main bomohh? aku pki sniper je pegy headshot mata kau yg suka usha teleng kt aku,SIALANN!dah aa tu , hitam pki baju PINKKK ! HAHA bodohh, kau igt kau cantik ke ? atau kau pki baju pink sbb kau nk org sume nmpk kau dgn beg REMPIT kau tu? ckp je lahhh,huh,blah aa kau main aa guli jauh2 , kau badget sume org nk kene respect kauu?tak mgkn doe,KAU NK TAHU?AKU RASA SATU SEKOLAH BENCI KT KAU LAHH KELING REMPIT!
bodohh,bagdet COMELLLL!"


its been awhile i didnt update my here it goes -

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hold on to me

Hold on to this

To dream is a gift

To love is divine and I won’t bring you down

Hold on to me

To dream is to be

To live is to shine and I won’t bring you down

by armin van buuren

Friday, March 13, 2009

and then

He kiss me...........

Thursday, March 12, 2009



i found this picture is very funny,haha,thanks to in that picture i guess.carilah sendiri:P

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I miss those days.3am and still taking pictures with flash,and talking to you:)
i know my hair is wavy enough to see,well that's pure wavy:)


You are annoyingly attractive,You haunt me,and now it scares me:)

Stressed Out.

errrr,stress stress stress.i hate this part.couldnt things get worser?


people does i.and my friends.and my family.EVERYBODY does change.
i have nobody these friends turn their back on me.they kept secret away from me,and im the last who would find always the last you know what feelings are?i am human.and so does you.please think what had you make felt like this.if i did any wrong,im sorryy,no more mistakes.i regret my pass.yes i do.i wish i could do it better.i wish everything was better.but nobody understand me.i have nobody these days.people who i trust hate me,and haters,you must enjoy reading this shit because you hate me,thankss.people who i love turn their back on me,life is hard.and things get worser day by day and bit by bit.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


we celebrate Mel's birthday!haha:P.TEPUNG TEPUNG TEPUNG FIGHT!!!
hahahaha,ini gf si Mel,FEENA yg plan.i join.soo i met noorsha<33,rinduu kau:P
then main tepung depan my house!hahaha,nasib baik my mum xnmpk,then,hmm.mel and acap kena telurr,haha:P,padan mukaaa weyyy!hehe,then lepak rumah feena,feena and her sister,Kak Tasha,bake some awesome cupcakes and oreo cheesecake,weee:D,sedap do feena,buat lagy ohh.
haha,on this day.i jdy photographer:), i bukan lah mahaal D90 or somethng,oh and feena!geram ohh,u dah dapat D90 YOU!JEALOUS WEY,continue,camera i biasa jee.haha.soo i'll upload gamba soon,memory card reader xde lah.haha

Sunday, March 8, 2009


---------im dissapearing------------



lain gila en muka?haha.



dh balik dah from kem smart's some picture of us.malas lah nak cerita panjang2.

hehe,soo here we are.imah.maira.sya.nurin:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

hari ini,

since tukar bm utk sementara,haha.fatin ajar aku tentang benda yang kena mengena dgn makeout.iaitu:Public Display of Affection.Kissing, hugging, make out.
faham sebenarnya.haha
oh after that.i sound budak FORM1.jr's.sial do perangai dieorg.kerek gila.and muizz.kau ingt aku perempuan,kau bajet aku tk berani nak gaduh dgn kau?tolongla.kau tinggi mmg tinggi,tapi KEPENG.shoot sekali teros melayang kang,haha.bodoh.oh and sound this girl lah,perasan yg my frends,Arief,Megat,Im,Zahin suka kat die,i was like freaking EWWWWWW!haha,kalau lawa takpe do,amik kau,lepas kena sound,semua stock ckp thankyou enn,eleh.terharu aku:DD
haha,cm bodoh.


bertukar pandangan.
bersalaman ke sekadar berkawan
dan bila cinta dah mula berputik
ah, tak tidur malam
angan-angan jadi pasangan
dan menjadi kenyataan
nyatanya, telah banyak kita harung
adakalanya rasa bebas, kadangkala terkurung
kita pernah berpisah dan kembali,
berpisah dan kembali
kembali kerna pengorbananmu kuhargai
hilang separa masa bersama keluarga
teman-teman huru-hara tiada lagi, tata, bye bye
tiada lagi huhu haha


jangan kau bimbang sayang
di mana ku berada
dengan siapa ku bersama
jangan bimbang ku tetap kau yang punya

jiwang untuk seketika.bahasa melayu untuk semantara.gaya baru,ingat sayangku,ku tetap kau yang punya(:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

if you have too

im making a big desicion,where i have to decide which i shall choose.but mostly they are all the same,nobody was infinite for me.this is hard.i believe i do have the answers form my friends and not you.i'll gave you categories and take a pick which is the best.
comment au:)

A:a guy who broke ur heart.

B:a guy who knows not a single thing about love.

C:a guy who is currently with someone else but u're deeply in love with him.

D:a guy who is sweet in words,but may use it to other girls when they're with you.

choose ONE.take a pick.leave who u choose at my comment:)

Monday, March 2, 2009


"Crushes are like water
It’s when you say my name
Then I realize

I’m in love again

Passion like no other
It’s like I feel the same
You can see in my eyes
I’m in love again" addicted to this song.trance lyrics are most definetely have the deepest meaning ever.and somehow,i fall in love with,me and MUSIC.we are infinite!

as wel indeed,

the songs,

Burning From The Inside-Tiff Lacey

Melissa Mathes-Dream&Dissapear

most addiction.listen to these songs,feels like ur in the middle of high on ecstacy.


eyy, tk pegy sekolah.ponteng.waaa,i told my mom hrnie sekolah cuti sbb hr sabtu hrtu ade merentas desa,haha.shhhh:P*rasa bersalah*,haha.oh then cm online jee,bosan bosan bosan..then like my bro,Faiz,balik skolah.bwak kwn2 die lepak.soo like hmm okay.then like kwn2 die kacau i,cm bodoh jee.and the his GIRL frends are quite nice with me,he have some goodfrends but i wonder why he still bullyied me,hahaha.infact,today was quite okay bt like bored tahap -------------->11111100000 percent indeed.haha.sbb on msn,tk ramai on,on ms,pon tk ramai on.blogging jelah.oh oh.i ade admirer baru,not soo secret anymore isn't it?haha.zahin zahin.lawak laa you niee,he called me "baby boo"comel bt geli laa jugak.

haha,tngk what he made for me:P

Sunday, March 1, 2009

shot tak shot,

haha,soo here how it begins.i think it was on thursday.well yeah.thursday.
i didnt go to school bcs i had high fever,cold,and like my throat sakit*batuk*
then like bosan gilaaa,i ajk my goodfrend,Admalina.which is my neighbour,pegy jog.
so it was like 6 p.m,i was waiting in front of her house.i pakai tight three-quater sweatpants,black singlet inside and a green v-neck shirt with a hoodie and sportshoes.NIKE NIKE NIKE,eleh.nak market enn, then adma keluar nmpak i pakai cmtu she was shock,sbb i smngt gilaa nak go run&jog.then she changed like mine,we talk sambil run and stuff,but cm all the sudden it rained,amik kauu,demam2 mandi hujan.haha.
ok,continue.then like we jog sampai ke puncak setiawangsa.mann,we're losing our fat and getting healthy!hahaha,and thanks a BILLION ADMA,sbb teman.hehe:P
anyways,ni haa gamba mandi hujan.vain sorang2 dlm bilik sbb tknk dgr my mum bising sbb i jog time hujan,haha:P
*mind the clothes behind those picture,ade bra semua tu,buat bodoh je laa.haha.*


i got my examination result last week.guess what?
i almost flunk every single thing.and for the first time,
i got like 68 for my english.FOR THE FIRST EVER TIME IN MY LIFE.
ya Allah,i wish i could score more.
damn you english teacher.haha,eleh.act it was my fault.
sape suro tak study en?haha.omgoshh.oh oh BUT BUT GREAT NEWS.
oh oh,thankyouu CALCULATOR.syg kau.hahaha.
lots more to come,

Saturday, February 28, 2009


it really really does hurts when the person that u really care abt and love like's ur bestie,haihh.
i know.its painfull,it in the situation where the person i love is currently in love with one of my bestie.sadly,he only talks to me to talk abt her.i agree that she's prettier and better.
but still,babe,you can have him.he's the one who's into you and not me.well,perhaps soon you guys will get closer.loves,

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

like i give a fuck.

yeah,like i give a fuck.its MY BLOG.i have my own right to BLOG ABOUT ANYTHING I WANT.i repeat:MY BLOG,I'LL POST WHATEVER I WANT.

p.s:i'll LET YOU KNOW.sukati aku lah weyy aku nak post ape semua,benda skang blog aku bkn blog kau BIATCH.silap orang aa kau nak cari gaduh dgn aku-________-


Finally,DAPAT online.MUAHHAHAH:P
eleh.soo,as i was saying.internet connection this letely SUCK.bodohh aa,haih.
oh then,lately gaduh2 semua ngn soo called FRIENDS.yeah.pastu aku kena salahkan en en en?sial en?adoi,complicated sial.hadoi.oh and i have soo MUCH TO BLOG ABT!!
hehe.oh i currently demam,and got flue.kat rumah ke sekolah ke,i would sneeze like HELL!
hadoi,sikit2 sneeze,ohh another bad news.PHONE ROSAK.sial sial sial sial,haihh;/
oh and srry huwaida tk reply msej you.phne rosak doo.well.result semua okay aa especially my mom tngk and said"84 je?ape laaa,",<-------------i work hard on it and this is what i get,fucktup dooo.hishhh.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cats:Ayu and Don,

Ayu passed away like 10 somethng.may god bless you in the other world baby:(,ohh and Don folloed her this morning.semua sudah selamat dikuburkan.mannn,you two were just 3months sorryy.goodbye babiesss:/

*the other two,Ollie and currently in the Wad right now.they might have the risk of having a leukimia or kekurangan darah putih,and like somekind of virus bt it doesnt effect humans.its only for cats.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

its OVER.

dah habis EXAM DH WEYHH!weee,suka gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.hahaha:P
well,today.MRAZ senyum ,haha.dh aa smile die like to die for SMILE! soo inlove.

"everytime we say goodbye,i wish we had a one more kiss,"
"i'll wait for you,I promise you"

hahahaha.mygodd.dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,let me just call you MR.AZ?or or.MRAZ.ahahha:P


ohh did i mention,i got my real true LoveBite about two days agoo,haha.soo cmnie.i was in the bus,at my usual seat,then.he camee,MRAZ.muahahah,pastu cm ohh ok.buat bodoh.then i was like soo nervous and bite my lips.sampai sekolah,merah gilaa my lips,haha.semua cmnie

maira:asl bibir kau doo?
maira:eleh kau.asl doo?

then cm semua tanye.haha.dh ah baru lepas valentine,so its like evrybody thinks i got my LoveBite on V's Day.haha.then jln2 kat koridor jumpa sham,die cm:

Shamimi:imah!asl bibir?
Shamimi:haaa,LOVEBITE EHHH!!!*she screams*
*people tngk,sbb dpn class org enn,semua pndg slek,haha:P

imah:nnti kita cte:)

gaaahahahha,padahal LoveBite nye pasal nmpak mamat nie nervous sngt smpai bite my lips gila gilaa,so its like.still,a LOVEBITE:B

Monday, February 16, 2009

Tuah Deaths.

hello fellow sadly to onnounce here that my dear cat,named Tuah had gone from the world.he died on the way to the clinic.Sudden Death i suppose.i just came back from the school around 5,and my parents cuarantine him on the cage bcs he can even walk.and we put evrything in there,milk,water,food.things to keep him comfy:(,but sadly.i was crying to see him breathing like there's no air.and my mum decided to take him to the clinic,we went all over the place but all the clinic had close.and on the way finding another clinic,he died on the car.and sadly,why does it have to be on february 14?ohhh Tuah,i miss you like hell:(,when u passed away,i was crying like hell,and huwaida was there to calm me down:/,i hope u rest in peace Tuah:(.and we buried him in front of our house with his little sister next to him.hmmm,i miss you a lot :(,i still wait that u can wake me up in the morning running into my room and just annoy me until i wake to gave ur breakfast.if u were here i would buy you a billion of ur fav foo,the fish in the packet.yg whiskas punye tuu:(*tears**sigh*.hmmm,i love youu baby soo were just 6month:((((

here are the memories of Tuah's:/

Friday, February 13, 2009

Another Typical..

Another Typical Face of always.hmm,i'll try to smile when i see you.bigges&sweetest smile ever:) and i have a gift for be nice,then i'll bad?i'll slap u at that moment.

I bruised easily.

"You sang me Spanish lullabies
The sweetest sadness in your eyes

I never want to see you unhappy
I thought you'd want the same for me

Goodbye, my almost lover
Goodbye, my hopeless dream
I'm trying not to think about you
Can't you just let me be?
So long, my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
I should've known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do

Without you on my mind
So you're gone and I'm haunted
And I bet you are just fine
Did I make it that easy
To walk right in and out of my life?

p.s/:goodbye almost lover O.O

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What's wrong?

ape dah jady dgn GUYS these days?sumpah seko2 perangai cm kimak jee.bila layan elok2 kau emo,marah.bila kitaorg marah,kau merajuk.pantat dooo,sumpah i cakap.guys these days SUCKS.*sorry no offence to innocent male readers*,we do give a shit on what you do,and on how u treat us,it sucks:/,dont u care a heck abt feelings?eh come on lah.dont be rude.u dont even give a fuck abt ur ex-s.pegy mati aa buat sakit semua.tesh:O

Typical Face of Imah......

I'm impossible to forget, but I'm hard to remember.

sometimes life is predictable,wanted truth?find it yourself.Telling lies and avoid doubts.Singing eventually.Sharing within hours of conversation. You, me and music. We are infinite!haha:P

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Different me,

im different nowadays.i sekarang bawak bekal kot pegy skolah,majal tak duit.elaun 1 week rm30.kalau satu minggu bwak bekal,save semua 30rm kann?kann?haa.cuba kalau sebulan?banyak kan?hahaha.senang sikit.air pon bawak kot.saving gila babi nie.haha.and huwaida babe,i cant wait.countdown!TWO MORE far is okay.i kept fighting with my-ex.perangai buat sakit hati cm kimak jee.and im okay without you.friends?were welcoming NURIN to our group(:,kesian kau kan kena layan cmtu?kawan jelah dgn kitaorg.we dont mind.
family?boleh boleh lah.haha:P

*and to perverts-guys-fuckers-bastard-FUCK not in the mood of having a new bf,instead,i fucking hate most of you,leave me alone.agree?good.take notes,*


im representing the NERDS for two zero zero nine.wanna take a few moment of laughters?here you go.15 seconds laughing abt how ugly i look in those glasses, i was saying,i dont give a fuck if you wanted to laugh or even making fun of me,bcs im gonna work hard this year,kick my ass off in this examinations next week!!!im gonna get straight A's baby!haha.InsyaAllah lah kan:P
ohhh hoho yeah.lawak kan tht picture?haha.being a nerd is

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


what the fuck lah weyh?you tak fikir feelings orang ke?i rasa mcm nak slap je ur face nanti time that day.sumpah i cakap.u buat i sakit hati ape lancau semua tk fikir plak?pastu bila i marah you sikit u nak emo tak tentu pasal?what the hell.ape masalah you?ur mood en,kalah perempuan period you tau?sumpah i ckp.kejap being nice.kejap sweet.kejap kerek.kejap mcm pukimak lancau jee.faham tak faham?i benci you.i benci you.sng cte,i hate you.faham dah?and guess what.i tak puas hati on how u treated me this lately.bukan this lately jee.since the day we met.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

all i did for today.

Eat again
The End

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Anys' Birthday.

setelah penat bermain tepung,baringbraing:),haha
lyna ayu do kau
kesian kau nurin,kau yg plan,kau yg kena bnyk,
kena sikit jee time nie,dh nak habis tu AMIK KAU,bnyk doo.haha
azam tercinta maira,anys and sya,tk faham do korg nie share share,haha:P
setelah penat bermain tepung,baringbraing:),haha
syaaaaa syaaaaaaaaaa:P
imah & mairaaaaaaaaa

birthday girl:DD
okay.i woke up around 4 am since my ex call me(mcm bodoh jee call orang pagi2 buta pastu confess suka this girl,which is my bestie),babi.aha:P,okay.then tido balik.around 6.56 cmtue i was up and take a shower and stuff.siap2 dh semua.then,fuhh,oh yeah!mlm td i wish anys,im the 4th PERSON!whoahh,bangga bhaii:),haha.eleh.okay.then abg faliq hantar pegy sekolah sbb ade kokorikulum.then cm sampai skolah jumpa maira dgn nurin.then cm say hi and stuff.blabla,haha.then BIRTHDAY GIRL SAMPAI!muahhhaaxD,then wish lagi semua.then beratur.habis koko kitaorg pegy carefour wangsa maju doo,sumpah best.our gang,me,maira,sya,lyna and anys haha.then fathy(bf lyna) and nurin follow kitaorg.then then pegy beli hadiah my frend jap sbb tonite bday party diaa,haha.soo alang2 beli je lah enn.okok,then cm pegy makan burger king!celebrate laaa dooo!haha:P,anys cm happy gilaa today,we're also happy for you babe!:D,okayy,hmm,pastuu maira pegy manetah ngn nurin then kitaorg gerak dluuu,lama doo tunggu,anys sampai bengang.dh lah panas,bajet ade payung enn,hahaha.then lepak taman belakang sekolah.tngk2 ramai gilaa kot kat situu.tesh.pastu cm tbe2 tngh lepak2,NURIN START baling tepung.fuhhh,ape lagy!serang!waaaaaaaaaaaa!hahahahhaXD
main main tepung habis baju tudung seluar semuaa,adoiyai.haha.habis.
pastu lepak jap.penat.main basketball lah tah ape enn.pastu lepak rumah maira.pastu harini mmg VAIN GILAAAAA!:DD.
*sorry,gamba yg lain nanti maira akan upload kan:), sikit jee.haha:P

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bad Day.

today i had a really really really bad day.haa.nampak tuu.3xtimes really.means its really how it begins.since i ONLINE&BLOGGING pagi td,i forgot until that is 12.10 which my bus is suppose to be here by tht time,and it DID.i miss the BUS.thanks a lot bus diver(:,and yeah patah balik naik bukit at myhouse,and mintak abg faliq tolong hantarkan pegy wangsa maju,skolah enn,pastu tak boleh,kawan die dh ontheway amik dia,haihh,then.they drop me off dekat LRT SETIAWANGSA.then pandai2 lah cari sendiri en cab.cari2 jumpa pon.dpt yg psycho punya driver,haha:P,letih do carik.sbb time tengahri en dieorg tak amik org,ade break.hahathen.ade ah jgk yg amik.pastu nasib ade duit doo,mahal gilaa:/,sampai skolah kena PALAU.dgn bestfrend sendiri weyh.pastu bdk nie berkepit to them i dont exist.haihh.then amik kau,time rehat,BOCOR,period.WTF laa enn.haihh.time class B.I,tertido.kena sound dgn cikgu.balik baju basah sbb hujan,then asyik kena kacau dgn guys-___________-,then balik.i had a war with my mum,gila doo,she was soo fucking pissed when she knew i missed the bus and pegy skolah naik cab.amik kau,non-stop RADIO BEBEL and kalau radio,boleh jugak turn down the volume,ni cm lagy kuat ade ah,hmm:/,malang doo nasib harinie:(

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Daily Routine.

today i woke up at 9.which is very late.woke up.brush my teeth.take-a-real-quick-shower.haha,
then siap2 pakai BAJU KURUNG!HAHAH:P,alim en?nak pegy mengaji lah katakan.haha,then
suro my maid buatkan milo,minum sampai lecur bibir sampai skrg.PANAS sngt,tau klau cmtue aku buat sendiri,haihh,skait doo,merah2 bibir.hmm,then suro abg faliq hantar.sampai kat ustazah's house around 9.40 cmtuu.ngaji ngaji pstuu abg faliq suro amik.tngk2 time call die tngh practise dgn dj set die sbb die ade event mlm nie kat club mane tah.spin ah sane sini.gilaa bising smpai time tngh call ustazah pandang slek,haha:P,ohh ohh eventhough im thirteen goin on fourtee.i baru nak masuk al-quran esok.Alhamdullillah:),so starting esok dh masuk quran ah.dulu nagji2 then stop2years,bila ngaji balik dh gagap2 enn,soo,its never too late to satrt it over again:D,then balik terus tuka baju skolah.pakai deoderant skit,haha then amik kesempatan online jap.pastu makan.haaa,since dlm my fridge,evrything dh habis sbb my family mmg kuat makan:D,haha.yg ade eggs,cheese,bread,baby tomatoes,salad,mayo.then guna ah semua bahan2 nie utk breakfast+lunch,gila lah lapar time tuu.haha.buat boiled eggs and rotie semua.EXPERIMENT WEYH:)haha,best.omg.dh kul 11.55?gila cepat.okok guys.gtg aite!
i'll update more.bas dh nak sampai doo.tak siap lagy:),tkecare bloggers:DD

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun Day.

kaki baru shave(:,kilat en?eleh.
im freakin jealous dgn body dia,tau ah dulu she use to model:P
rest japp,penat doo swimming(:
the pool,it was awesome(:
berenang cm katak,eleh.mean gilaa:P
me swimming,eventhough its in the pool,why do i still seem soo short?
nice teeth:P,grrr.
kak alia<3
today i woke up at 9a.m.i woke up.brush my teeth,basuh muka and stuff.then change into my swimming clothes.i wore my surt-shorts and my sleeveless loose brown shirt.and then.tengok2 kak alia(my cousin from us) dh bgn duluuu,tak adil!haha.then cm gerak ah.makan breakfast.pack bags.then move on bebeyh!haha.we went swimming at the club,at palace of the golden horses,which my parents have membership doo.swimming ngn kak alia sumpah lawak.dh lah die ni swim cm katak nazak:P,ahha.then usha orang semua like "auww,auww,man he's HOT","omg,he's hairy","aww,comelnya baby nie","hey want my number?i use maxis:P","you dont want us,we got aids,JUST KIDDING"<---------we use that when old BOLDY men or like pakistani guy who cleans the floor and stuff approach us.haha:Pthen lepas pegy swimming,pegy putrajaya.LUNCHTIME BABE!!:D,haha.i ate kuew-teow goreng and BLUEBERRY WAFFLES.hehe:)and's some picture of US today:DD