Sunday, November 23, 2008


i thought i already been through and gotten it over it a billion times before.
So why is it coming back now?its not like i want it to happen.Its not like I want to hurt you.Why can't you understand?Sometimes things just happen.Who could predict it would turn out this way?

i'm sorry.I'm not perfect.I can't live up to your expectations,because I can't can't even lift up to mine.You said get over it.I know you're already fed up off all worries and teh same problems i face everyday.I whine about it.Yeah.So what if i do?

I'm barely thirteen.i'll be thirteen next month though.I've had my share of hurt and pains and life's a living hell right now.These days,nobody seems to understands what i really want.Oh,for the love of peace,PLEASE leave me alone!Stop asking!Stop telling me what to do!How would you know?You bloggers lived in a totally different world from me.I'm nothing compared to your expactations of excellent results!You're a perfectionist.I'm not.Why can't u just accept me for what i am.everybody is different.

I'm strong now,but i learned the hard way.Friends say i take it too personally, and that's because i think too much that i'm kind of in a war with myself.i hate myself anyway.Somebody maybe gonna ask me,to go see the psychiatrist.Hah.They think i'm in trauma -which just goes to show how dumb people really are.

well,bloggers.its 6.48 in the to u later and make u feel bored of my blog bcause my life sucks.its BOREDOM.and i'll write this of later.soon.wtflahh enn.


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Han-na said...

Imaahh , apa sedih sedih nii ? you're THIRTEEN ! enjoy life laahh . haha :D