Saturday, November 8, 2008


goshh,friends,imiss youu guys soo much.scholl holiday dah start dahh,eee,bosan!
takkan everyday nak lepak jee enn,haha.well.i miss most of my close friends, they are my life and lovess,haha,but sometimes saja suka sakitkann hatii akuu,eeee!haha
but well,i'm kind of used too it,DUHHH,it had been a year.of coursee.haaa,
mairaaa,anyss,lynaaa,syaa,feenaa-they are the most closest people or should i say friends.for the girls sidee lahh,klau guys hmm-acap,mel,imrann,fareed,ikmal,wish,haziqq,haha.and and this very veryy special guy- *druss.ahahhaa,ya allah,imiss him soo badlyy:(.eleh.yeah.
haa,so friends,imyouguys too.of coursee.haha.

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