Saturday, November 8, 2008

newborn baby kitten-tuah.

heyy,i totally forgot too tell u guys that i have a newborn baby kitten named tuah!
actually,it was before puasa they were born soo i made this blog was after raya,soo i didnt have time too write about it.soo.nanti i'll upload pictures of tuah.hmm,
we got the name tuah because the cat wass soo black,i mean.its whole body is black.
it had a long tail.and a real blue teal eyes.hehe,jap.back to the name.
my grandma on my mom side,we call her uwan.she lives in kuala pilah,kg side in negeri sembilan,soo,she came to our house on raya and said to my mom like this 'kenape bela kucing hitam.kucing hitam bawak sial.' and mom said,'taklah mak.kalau semua kucing hitam bawak sial,tak hiduplah dia kat dunia ni.'then,before my uwan came to my house,we did thought of giving the name tuah,then after the incident with my frandma kitaorg terus namekan die TUAH.haha.well.nanti sambung.i have guest downstairs.
i'l write it laterr:)

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