Sunday, November 2, 2008


family,there are umlike the most closest people in my life.
we care about each other,we love each other.haha,
btw,i'm here to tell you that i love my familyy,my big happy family!
haha,of coursee,sape yg tak sayang family sendiri?its a fact, evryone have their own
family and they do love each other,and my family is always there with mee,
through anysort of problems,we share each others secret and everything together.
like mine,i mean my kind of familyy,i have 3 brothers-and of course my parents.
i'm telling u this,they care about me all time,i repeat,all the timee.hee.
and especially my brothers,the 2nd one,his name is faliq,eventhough he care abt me all the time,he's the one who took me to the movies with his longlasting girlfriend name dihaa:D.haha,kak,jom tngk wayang lagyy?hahahh,she is very sweet and pretty nice to me:)
yeah,and he is also my fashoin advisor.klau pegy shopping,ngn die ahh,sbb die tuu tau sumee pasl fashion2 niee,haha,and he back me up if anything happen,whether its about family or friends:).sayang kauu,haha.x))

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