Friday, November 14, 2008

it was sad.

okay.u guys may gonna laugh when u hear this,but what the hell lah enn?
hmm,macam nie.lastnite,i was watching always.and i got soo bored.i mean sumpah bored.mmg TAHAP MAKSIMUM.pastuu main tukar2 channel kat astro.then terbukak channel nicklelodeon.then tngk cerita best jee en.emma roberts kot.and die ade minat this guy,his name is jack bahari apentah en,then she wrote this song all about jack bahari.and she sing it with her guitar and,record it and put all of the songs in a cd.which she maded for him.then,the cd got lost and all and she was super freaked out of it.and that cd had fall to jack bahari.and it turned out that jack had listen to the cd.and it was sooo embarassing.and jack walk away with his new gf. i aws umlike crying when i saw that moment in that show,bcause it kind of umlike had happen to me that night i was haunted by the past.i know it may sound funny when u guys heard that i cry,u guys msti cm'ek eleh,benda cmtuu pon nak nangis.' but for me its kind of deep u know.haha.btw.i cry in front of the tv like a stupid person.dhlah tngh malam.mcm org tak betul.hahax))

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