Sunday, November 16, 2008

last nite was AWESOME.

me and my brother plus my couzin went to the anniversary.the event was at ou.
we were umlike listening to our local band performance.we have estranged,bittersweet,meet uncle hussein,one buck short and all.we did have fun actually.well its kind of awesome in the first place.but,there's this thing,at the end.we were kind of super PISSED with it.we thought bass agent was there,as an ending to that event.the person that is most pissed when bass agent wasn't there was my brother,faiz.he had been waiting like hell,saving his energy and all,just to shuffle at the end.and soo blablablablabalabla.and at the end,there was NO BASS AGENT AT fm saje je buat cerita gempak biar budak2 shuffle semua turun.and time ade dj,it was okaylahh.he actually had eject his cd a couple of times,but still.i think its because he's NERVOUS.yelah.what the hell.big crowd kot.sape tak.memang tipu lah kalau kata tak nervous.and were umlike dancing.and dekat situ kind of banyak rempit's and boyan's.well,duhhh,its a free event dude.mestilahh.and kitaorg mcm dance that time,asyik kena kacau.i was like.haish.main kacau2 kakilah.rase mcm nak terajang jee was pretty awesome i guess.and i was kind in a middle of dance and i saw that H guy with his friends.i think he did saw me dancing and all.i freaked out bcause of that incident on the webcam.soo,i was like keep dancing,and just ignore him while he looks at me like talking to his friends mcm "is that IMAH?i think that's her dude".and i was like teringat about that incident.yg onthephone talking to anys about him while webcam-ing.i was like."OMG.malu lah siall"haihh.i just mcm buat tak kenal.but i did macam nak say hye and all but its gonna be weird if he didnt see me.soo, i walk dekat belakang sikit because i think guys in front of me took drugs or something sampai dance mcm org gilaa.sampai berpeluh2 baju basah mcm mandi semua.
so i just.okay.chill lah enn.and after that,i didn't see that H guy again.he texted me twice.and replied one of it and said that i was at this crowd in the middle semua.and he said come and meet me at the park.i was like talking to myself macam "NO thanks dude,i cant even stay away from my brothers for even a minute.they'll get mad and asking questions to me like i did something wrong."and i text him back i said i cant and all.the event was okaylahh.


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