Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun Day.

kaki baru shave(:,kilat en?eleh.
im freakin jealous dgn body dia,tau ah dulu she use to model:P
rest japp,penat doo swimming(:
the pool,it was awesome(:
berenang cm katak,eleh.mean gilaa:P
me swimming,eventhough its in the pool,why do i still seem soo short?
nice teeth:P,grrr.
kak alia<3
today i woke up at 9a.m.i woke up.brush my teeth,basuh muka and stuff.then change into my swimming clothes.i wore my surt-shorts and my sleeveless loose brown shirt.and then.tengok2 kak alia(my cousin from us) dh bgn duluuu,tak adil!haha.then cm gerak ah.makan breakfast.pack bags.then move on bebeyh!haha.we went swimming at the club,at palace of the golden horses,which my parents have membership doo.swimming ngn kak alia sumpah lawak.dh lah die ni swim cm katak nazak:P,ahha.then usha orang semua like "auww,auww,man he's HOT","omg,he's hairy","aww,comelnya baby nie","hey want my number?i use maxis:P","you dont want us,we got aids,JUST KIDDING"<---------we use that when old BOLDY men or like pakistani guy who cleans the floor and stuff approach us.haha:Pthen lepas pegy swimming,pegy putrajaya.LUNCHTIME BABE!!:D,haha.i ate kuew-teow goreng and BLUEBERRY WAFFLES.hehe:)and's some picture of US today:DD


Mairaaa said...

Jangan tanning do ,kang hitam lagi .andd tetek kau weh ,tak pdn dgn umur!!!!!!!! hahaha

Anys said...

aku dh pegi dh situuuu! kan imah kan ;)hahaha

gandem'gandem said...

sumpah mantap!


Imah said...

siot do semua comment tetek,aishh,tau aa jealous,eleh.WTF?londeh?siot do kau gandem:<(

Imah said...

yup yup anys.aku kan dh bwak kau dluu:),next week maira lak:P

gandemrockk! said...

kalau mmg kau nk buat apa?