Monday, February 16, 2009

Tuah Deaths.

hello fellow sadly to onnounce here that my dear cat,named Tuah had gone from the world.he died on the way to the clinic.Sudden Death i suppose.i just came back from the school around 5,and my parents cuarantine him on the cage bcs he can even walk.and we put evrything in there,milk,water,food.things to keep him comfy:(,but sadly.i was crying to see him breathing like there's no air.and my mum decided to take him to the clinic,we went all over the place but all the clinic had close.and on the way finding another clinic,he died on the car.and sadly,why does it have to be on february 14?ohhh Tuah,i miss you like hell:(,when u passed away,i was crying like hell,and huwaida was there to calm me down:/,i hope u rest in peace Tuah:(.and we buried him in front of our house with his little sister next to him.hmmm,i miss you a lot :(,i still wait that u can wake me up in the morning running into my room and just annoy me until i wake to gave ur breakfast.if u were here i would buy you a billion of ur fav foo,the fish in the packet.yg whiskas punye tuu:(*tears**sigh*.hmmm,i love youu baby soo were just 6month:((((

here are the memories of Tuah's:/


s aniqa said...

my pets dulu punmati cmtuh gak.i mnangis teresak kat strong yea dear :)

gandemrockk! said...

gila comel doe tuahhhhhhh,,
kucing aku lagy byk mati doe,
hamster aku ponnn ,
sbb kene mkn dgn karo bodo tu lahh,,

Huwaida said...

hmmm): yeah be strong imah. Tuah will rest in peace

Imah said...

yeah i know.i will i will:)
thanks aniqa.

Imah said...

yeah thanks huwaidaa,i was soo lucky u were there to calm me down:/

Imah said...

haha,ape lah kau nie gandem,haha.btw thanks.

MoHFiR - Mohd Firdaus said...

oitt takut ke aku nak komen ko? Penakut!!! Nak webcam kan? hahaha... along dh ada... kat bilik jer... untuk umah ko kena arr belanja along dulu..