Friday, February 20, 2009

Cats:Ayu and Don,

Ayu passed away like 10 somethng.may god bless you in the other world baby:(,ohh and Don folloed her this morning.semua sudah selamat dikuburkan.mannn,you two were just 3months sorryy.goodbye babiesss:/

*the other two,Ollie and currently in the Wad right now.they might have the risk of having a leukimia or kekurangan darah putih,and like somekind of virus bt it doesnt effect humans.its only for cats.



Mairaaa said...

Gila do ,semua sakit:s Skrng kucing kau tinggal brapa?

Imah said...

tinggal 3 drpada 6 doo,dieorg kan outdoor cats,so cm kena virus:/
and Ollie and Jebat,is currently hospitalized in melawati.

gandemrockk! said...

lehh,kesian gila doe,satu2 matii.

MoHFiR - Mohd Firdaus said...

tu arr ko, imah... along suh jaga.. asyik main tenet... kan dah mati!!! asyik nak gedik je dlm blog.. hahaha!!! tgk blog along... lagi syok!!! awek2 je komen.. kekeke!!!