Tuesday, March 3, 2009

if you have too

im making a big desicion,where i have to decide which i shall choose.but mostly they are all the same,nobody was infinite for me.this is hard.i believe i do have the answers form my friends and not you.i'll gave you categories and take a pick which is the best.
comment au:)

A:a guy who broke ur heart.

B:a guy who knows not a single thing about love.

C:a guy who is currently with someone else but u're deeply in love with him.

D:a guy who is sweet in words,but may use it to other girls when they're with you.

choose ONE.take a pick.leave who u choose at my comment:)


m e g a t said...


Mairaaa said...

Haha E an ,babi je nurins' ni eleh .AAAAAAAAA ,aku A do A

Imah said...

okay.maira kata A?

gandemm(: said...

maira org plg bodohh,
aku dh ckp td enn, aku B for BELLA

Imah said...

haha,bella aku punye nme:P

Huwaida said...

eeeh i tk tau nk choose ape ,okay okay i'll make a new one , F ! HAHA selamba je . F=inlove with a guy ,but doesnt know tht he loves back or not . HAAA dpt pon haha ,err i'll choose A ah .

Mairaaa said...

Kau bajet kau pandai lah pukimak ,hahaha

Bobby said...

a c d KOT
C la kot.
tp laki tuh taktau lah nak pilih mane en , kalau laki tuh minat kat org lain , maybe dia akan anggap kau mcm bff dia , kwn rapat dia.

Imah said...

haha.C tu.hmm tah aa.tngk aa cmne.

Anys said...

B kot.

gandemm(: said...

maira mencarut..
bgtau kakak mairaaaa,