Saturday, March 21, 2009


school is starting tomorrow.goodbye holidays;(
oh and hell-oooo freaking study study study study.dammnit!
i hate school at times,and at times i love to go to school,
obviously,i think going to school is more better then sit at home and do nothing-___________-
rite?hahaha,ohh cant wait to get scold by teachers tomorrow:DD
wanna know why?because i skipped class on last fridayy"bad girll imahh,bad girll:P"
oh and i didnt even touch my books,all the homeworks and stuff.
i didnt do my homework and i skipped class from recess until school's over.
how cool is that?HAHA-___________-,
oh are the list's of so called homeworks i didnt do.


-Sejarah Chapter 1-3,NOTA!
-English,Journal Entry and ape tah,tk ingt-.-

wow!im soo dead by tomorrow:O
and it would be awesome(:


MoHFiR - Mohd Firdaus said...

oit pi buat kerjarumah arr!!! blogging plak dia...

Imah said...

haha,sukati ah:P