Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It started todayy

On first period today,i was chosen by my dear so called history teacher to read for the whole class about Bangkok Agreement on 1909.oh and my voice sound like a freak because i have this thing called soar throat-.-',haihh.History is and WAS harddd.but i know who i am.i adore my culture and i respect my own.i felt lucky because i was born in malaysia which is a wonderfull country other than palestin,africa and others and i was seriously proud to be one.I find my great2 grandpa and grandma's stories is interesting and it amaze me,i remeber when my grandpa told me,he was a soldier when i he was young.he fight with japanese people when they came here.and like,he was caught by them and saw his friend got shot in the head and died.itw awfull when i herd those.and he's gone now.i do really miss him;(.well,life goes on.and back to the story,today science i learn a new chapter dude,Chapter 5:Water&Solution,haha.then after recess ,Geography was spinning my head round and round,its difficult-_________-,and like after that,we skipped class again untill school was over.it was awesome!:DDD

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