Monday, January 4, 2010

first day

hehe , that picture down there is a picture of me being excited to go to school , early in the morning , like at 6 . not that early i guess? hahah . i was like soo excited because i miss my friends , plus . its a new chapter in my life , to wake up early for school , new teachers , classmates , and a new year . studying for PMR . Pemusnah Masa Remaja , haha . 8a's baby! i can do it , elehhh .
my first day in Form3 was okay , kinda . im new to this so when the teacher came in my class , and started talking about things , fuweee , it makes me feel so sleepy . but i slept like at 10 :(
i remembered faliq , my brother told me ;

"kau kalau taknak pagi2 mata macam zombie , malam kau kena tido awal dalam pukul 10. kalau tak , mcm zombie lah mata kau"
its kinda true though . hahah

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