Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tagged By Aishah.

who do you like to be called?
call me IMAH please:)

do you have a nickname for each guy that you think he's cute?
yeah,but maira ah bnyk,kejap haa,kejap ed.eyy.haha:P

what do you want to be when you're grown up?
hmm,depends on the future.i would like to be someone's wife,haha:P

have you ever been hurt?
yeah,banyak kali dahh.

who've hurt your feeling?
people who surround me and yeah of course him him.

what did they do to you?
banyak lahh.mostly they hurt my feelings.

name 3 movies that you love.
2.picture perfect
3.maid in manhattan

are you mad?
bile bengang lahh,of course.

name 3 songs that you like.
2.Eyes set to kill-violent kiss&reach
3.Shine on-Jet

which contry boys that you think they are hot?

do you love ur hair?
of course,wavy weyhh:)

how's your school?
fine as always i guess.

any guys that you're interested in?

kena off ahh.nanti i sambung okay aishah:)
haha,tkecare guys:DD


Mairaaa said...

hahaha haaa haa haaaa<3 eleh

MoHFiR - Mohd Firdaus said...

boring gila ko punya blog.. dowhhh!!! hahaha!!! hitam plak tue.. mcm ko jer...hahahaha!!! asal aku nya list takde dalam blog ko... along letak ko punya link kat page along, konfirm org ramai ngorat ko.. x nak la. hahahaha!!!

Ellynne Zainal said...

Nicee post ;]