Thursday, January 1, 2009

1st of January 2009.

haha,omg,sumpah tak sangka harini dah January 2009. two thousand nine weyhh,gilaa lahh cepat.times go by soo fast!today rasa mcm bukan new year ohh.tak buat ape.bukan pegy mane2 ponn.what i did today bngn pon pukul 1.30,then bngn wash my face,brush my teeth,blablablabla,
terus turun having my lunch and my breakfast.text dgn tak rasa mcm new year.haha.pastu lastnite nak celebrate dgn kawan tak boleh wthell,ee,but at least i celebrate dgn huwaidaa,maira,and many more.especially diaa.hahah.
new year.dh form2 dah i.omg
then next year lagyy,i dah form3,pmr pmr pmr,shit shit shit!hahaha,
soo,nothing much to sayy.i'll update soon.and maybe i'll be busy,and laptop my brother dah die bawak pegy university masing2,soo,comp dh lah rosak.modem wireless ade,but laptop or comp takde.haha,soo maybe today is the last day that i can online.soo anyways,ily dear friends bloggers and foollowers.byebye.iloveyouu<333

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