Saturday, December 27, 2008


<------------------ this is Tuah.Aby's first child.tuah is veryy hyperr and suka kacau orgg,i mean like seriously mann,if ure having dinner,lunch or pape,if Tuah's around,takkan aman.haha,die suka kacau kaki org,suka HIGH-FIVE people,comell dad put its name TUAH bcause he's lucky,sbb bfore this,when tuah were little,aby act had two babies,but one died bcause of nothing.taktau kenapa.on my way to school,i pegy tngk dlm stor,nk tngk ank aby,then skali,tuah gerak but the other one tk gerak,check2,its dead.god had take its soul.hmm,nvm.then tinggal TUAH sekor jee,soo that's why we called it TUAH.bcause he's (LUCKY):DDD

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