Friday, December 19, 2008

ohh yeah.just SHOOT ME.FUCK OFF and LIVE UR LIVE.

OHH,how awesome my birthday was.NOT.AS IF birthday sucks.
evrybody wishes me macam nak taknak jee,i only got ONE gift.
ohh yeah.i hated sucks!thanks for everything people.hate me now?i wish i do have a gun and i'd rather shot meself than living in this cruel world.yeah.and the world gets mean and mean-er every single day.ohh yeah.i'm a SLUT.SERIOUSLY I AM.i've just realize it.betul jugak kata my frend.she told me all the bad things ABOUT ME on my birthday.i guess its her SPECIAL BIRTHDAY PRESENT FOR ME.yeah.i accept jee.i dont mind that much .pffftt,i'm sick of it lahh.just leave me alone.i just wish i can live in a happy place only with the certain people I WANT(AS IF).everybody give me their shit attitude.THANKS A LOT PEOPLE.I'D APPRECIATE IT.I WOULD BE MORE APPRECIATE IF YOU JUST KILL ME ON MY BIRTHDAY.i cry and cry and cry every single day.and i can't offord to cry more and more. well,maybe oneday tears wont come out more.maybe its just gonna be blood coming out of my eyes.even then i could still keep crying all the time.time is running OUT.i can't even trust myself anymore.i trust nobodyy these life sucks and i do give a shit on it.people may say i'm in somekind of trauma or something but what the fuck do i care?they migt say"imah,go and see a PSYCHIATRIST.I WOULD IF ITS NOT FUCKING EXPENSIVE.

*do sure get the whole point and take notes of it people.



Mairaaa said...

tak ada pistol ,guna pisauxD just kidding

Han-na said...

imaahh , i wish you gilagila . smpai hatii you