Wednesday, December 3, 2008

i'm BACKK!

the past few days,i was away having my vacation in terengganuu,cherating.
we stay at this hotel named Awana Kijal,and it was awesome.i shared a room with my big couzin,kak alia,which she came from the u.s.and the reason she come here to malaysia is to further her studies.we were having soo much fun.eventhough we didn't get to mandi2 at the beach sbb now,its kind of like,a monsoon kitaorg just main dekat tepi2 beach tuu was FUN.firs day we pgy pantai teluk cempedak dluuu,
dkat kuantan,and we sat there and ate mcdonald for our lunch.yeahh,and then check-in hotel around 2.30.then lepak jap dlm bilik.rest2 dluu.then kol 4 trus turun pgy beach! kott.then ptg gy pool mandi2.haha.lepas tuu malam kitaorg dinner kat manetah,according to my dad it was in chukai?or someplace like it.makan ikan bakar.
waaa,sedapp wehh.we ate some stingray(ikan pari),sotong,and this fish called ikan ayam-ayam.the reason that the fish was called ikan ayam2 is bcause of the taste and the(isi-of-the-ikan)taste like chicken.yummy!then after the dinner,we went back to our hotel room,my parents was planning to bring along our snacks and some (kacang2) to eat dekat tepi bila dh sampai tepi beach time mlm tuu,the waves(ombak) was huge.its umlike a mini tsunami.seriouslyy.its freaking scarry.and kitaorg duduk jauh sikit lahh enn.then that night,the star above was fantastic.banyak gilaaa stars.
sumpahh lawaa weyhh.and then,me and faliq saw a shooting star!how cool is that?:P
anyway,people say if u saw a shooting star,u should make a wish.soo,i didnt know if it was just a myth or something,but well yeah.i did.haha.after that terus balik bilik balik,siap2 utk tidoo.and the second day,me and my brothers and kak alia woke up around 7.30.and my mom call us say that to get ready in half an hour sebab nak pgy
breakfast dkt kitaorg pon get readyy.pastu gy breakfast makan.then lepastuu terus pgy beach lgyy and main2 air sumua.and pgy pool lgyy.we had soo much fun that time.and petang tuu,we all just duduk dekat dlm bilik,since its raining enn,then my parents went out pgy satu mall nie beli kuih and big apple donuts. whoahh. sedapp. pastuu malam we went to this mall,chehh,terengganu belah kampung2 tuu pon ade MALL.maju sial.haha.we went to the mall.the mall was called Mesra Mall.soo kitaorg pgy situu jalan2 and all.pastuu gy makan pizza.haha.balik truss tido dh kenyang enn.
haha.the next day we went breakfast as usual.then pgy beach.pastu naik bilik,pack things movie.around2 we check-out from the hotel.pastu go and eat our lunch dekat kemaman.and makan those sata,otak-otak,keropok lekor and all the things lahh.
it was good.sedap wehh.pastu mlm singgah kuantan jap.makan lagi.dinner aa.kat tanjung lumpur.the name sounds weird.and after makan terus balikk.sampai rumah around 12.30.that's the holiday trip!


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