Saturday, December 27, 2008


i got some newborn baby kitties,they were born last week but malas nk update.
ahha,i got 4 mann,way the goo ABY!great job,i know the mom,but the(dad) i taktau ceritaa,haha,as anyways.these 4 new kittens is born on the 16th December,which on the date tuesday.two days before my BIRTHDAY.haha HAA.and well,so now dieorg dah masuk like one week,and already had open THEIR EYES!god make them soo pretty with those blue-ishh and grenn-ishh eye colours!theyre soo sweet and comel gilaa babi,
bak kata faliq(my brother)"rasa macam nk goreng2,comel sngt!"<--he's a retard,i knowO__O,haha:PP.sooo here are some of those pictures,comel gilaaa d:

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